Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Railroad Station Museum – history of Union Pacific and Cheyenne

Cheyenne has fixed up its old railroad station and turned it into a museum about the Pacific Railroad.  The story here is the best of the best.  People in 1860 – 1863 knew the Union Pacific was coming through.  About 300 trappers, business people and other odd ducks started building the town so that when the railroad arrived they were already happening.  Great stories of governors and Buffalo Bill and brothels and wonderful buildings with character in a down town that has been rescued and looks fascinating.  Capitol Street has the Capitol Building (one of the most beautiful I have seen) at one end and the Railroad Station at the other end.  The old down town churches are spectacular.  Lots of historical buildings to tour such as the governor’s mansion.  Ate at the Plains Hotel and some great photos.

Have enjoyed old friends this week who have been most hospitable even through their house is torn up getting new floors.  Hot every day though some evenings cool down and nite is great for sleeping.  I like walking around down town-being a capitol it has good employment.  Also Wyoming has coal, oil and other minerals so is in better shape than many places.  I think the whole state only has 1/2 million people.


Capitol taken from RR Station

Famous brothel

This Methodist Church is older than Pt. Richmond's

Great looking Methodist Building

Ate incredible lunch at famous historical Plains Hotel

A bit much but very real in Wyoming

I love this-the big owner of other theaters first preserved this one

Just a practice run at my blog after a long break.

Russ and I have had a busy year since last summer’s 3 months of travel.  It’s been a great year working hard and volunteering at my church in Pt. Richmond.  We put on one heck of a Commu nity Thanksgiving Feast for Pt. Richmond. We also had a successful junktique fundraiser in May.

Now we are traveling this month of June in Oregon.  Great visit in Chico with my cousin, Carolyn and then on to Eugene to see her sister and mom,  Clarice and Aunt Martha.  Love Eugene and my family there.  Clarice’s new condo is fantastic and modern-gave me some decorating ideas.

We are in Portland having a great time sightseeing and visiting with our first Pt Richmond Methodist Minister.  It’s only been 20 years!

On our way to Canon Beach and Seaside.  Almost forgot how much I LOVE TRAVELING IN THE RV.

Photos to follow!  Wanted to force myself to start blogging again.  It’s the best way to document my life as a Senior Citizen.

Wow we had color in our lives and really big and totally grand, heart-stopping splendor.

Each time we were able to walk and find trails our size and length-and met some really fine people.  At delicate arch we met a man and his son just because of a beautiful lizard.  A short friendly visit  brought a really great story.  The 24 year old son had bicycled from Iowa to where we were.  Dad followed later in his car.  The cycle trip would have been a good story of his meeting wonderful people who fed him and took care of him.  However, there was even more.  7 years earlier he had been in a car wreck-one arm had two metal rods to replace shattered bones, one leg had a rod and his right eye was glass.  I was so thankful for the gift of meeting he and his father.

Today we are driving from Salt Lake to Idaho Falls.  Dad has had some serious problems health wise and I we need to support Karole.  His recent throwing up was caused by so many ulcers from his esophagus to stomach, and a gall bladder so full of stones that the doctor was in shock.  Also Dad says he has not been in pain.  Thank God for Russ who did not bat an eye, just said we have to go.  We had thought we were going to visit SL and site see and then leave Monday for home in Walnut Creek.  Now we have no idea what we will be doing.

The lesson of our journey- live today with intention and attention













We Love Moab!


RV spot

RV spot








Great day today at Arches in Utah.  Took camera and phone cause Russ did not walk up the trail and I wanted me in some photos.  First time I have really done selfies.  Those all went on Facebook.  But then I remembered that some of you do not do Facebook.  So an excuse to do another blog.

We were the only people in the park with a dog-not allowed on the trails, but we carried Georgie in her purse and met all kinds of people and families- One family was from Poland, another from Genoa.  It seems certain fall months are heavy on English, another month for French and so on.  Someone should do a study.  As usual we  met the neatest people including the gang at Peach Tree Resturant. They let us have Georgie in her purse with us for lunch.  Good thing-they had the best possible vegetarian choices!

Funny thing was Russ cooking up a steak Brandon had hunted.  Georgie and I had little bites but it was so good.  Thanks Brandon for the meat meal.  Your Uncle really marinated it right!

This afternoon we sat outside the motorhome watching the lightning and rain that came our way.  Monsoons in afternoons in summer are pretty cool.  Sun on one side of the Red Rock walls behind us and rain and lightning on the other-then switch!.  Great loud claps of thunder too.


We enjoyed the Colorado experience-getting to know 2 year old Bronson.  Saw him grow miles-both in language and play-but in accepting the competition of a new little sister.  Parents did a great job and we were part of the team-Jolin’s mom arrived as we left.  My sister and brother in law being there two days before she was born enjoyed a girl-as they raised her dad and his two brothers and Kay was the only one to have a girl—we were all excited.

I think Mom was just chuckling in heaven as she knew a girl was due in the family.    Now Steph and Zak have one each and Jolin and Kris do too.

Loved Denver and the kids new home.  Hope to get there every other summer!

Then a short vacation up in the CO Mountains Vail especially.  Sudden cold up there nites in the 30’s and rainy days in the 50’s and now we came down into Utah and the red arches of Moab in the upper 80’s.


Our time staying in RV at my sisters after the wedding was really busy. Appointments and stuff to do with and for Dad; Trying to get Russ’s medical information and then in to get Pacemaker; cooking healthy for Russ and Kenny and self, seeing Kreighton and Lisa after they got back from their honeymoon in the Caribbean; Georgie loving to run with Karole’s dogs (almost would not leave with us).  And then the pleasure of being with Karole, one of my wonderful sisters.  I have always been so lucky to like and love my sisters.

Russ and Kristi-had a great trip to Denver from Blackfoot Idaho.  Rain most of the way, which improved the temperature.  Stopped at Rawlings, WY and spent a night.  Again thanks for the satellite  dish that automatically zeros in on Direct TV.  When I think of the two years we spent without that-poor Russ.

Drove into Denver and specifically Lakewood, found that Jellison is at least 5 different short streets with no turn around-then realized it might be a good idea to call Jolin and figure it out better.  Seems you need North in the street name.  Sure enough, pulled into their place with ease, but Kristopher had built some of  his fences, and as he had been digging post holes that were as hard as a rock, he was pretty sure if we tried to drive up the grassy hill it would be no trouble.  Well two days of rain and we were stuck immediately.  He was sure he could pull us out, but we were sure we had renewed AAA on the RV and the next day we were pulled out by the coolest vehicle ever.  No extra charge.

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The evening before and the evening after the wedding has many a sweet moment.

Russ and I left California on the 30th of July to be in Sun Valley and Fairfield, Idaho for my nephew’s wedding at an old fashioned, country ranch resort.  Along the way Russ found it difficult to breathe and Kaiser, CA said, go directly to St. Luke’s at Sun Valley.  He spent a night with unusual symptoms.  Blood pressure went sky high when he would walk and heart rate dropped rather low.  A wonderful doctor has walked us through all the hoops and connected us with Idaho Falls cardiologist so we could get back from the wedding to my sister Karole’s and where my dad is.

I could go on and on, but with God’s grace we have continued to be supported by all the right people and his heart test where they can view his heart from flipping him around and over shows he will need a pacemaker.  He is now back over at the hospital getting further tests.  The Sun Valley doctor is staying on as primary and co-ordinating everything.

The coolest thing has been that we could go to the wedding.  We stayed in Sun Valley in the RV at my bothers.  Did not try to move RV to the wedding site 40 miles away.  But on day of wedding doctor let me drive Russ over and he got to enjoy the whole day.  The wedding was terrific and family and friends should recognize people I hope.  I enjoyed grand nieces and nephews and and all my family as well as Lisa’s lovely family.  Nothing like a mountain wedding and casual outdoor eating.  Russ and I were in charge of the salad for 120 plus people and lots of people helped us as they new Russ should not be doing too much cause of the high blood pressure.

Feel free to open photos to larger view.

Russ and I arrive at grove first and renewed our vows

Russ and I arrive at grove first and renewed our vows

DSC07235Kristopher and little Kris-Bronson


Recognize my niece Kassi with her boyfriend Tony.  Young love!


Kay and I start shooting photos with a row of Greenawalts and Minks.


The brides maids were all in similar colors but could pick their dresses.  Very cool.DSC07249

Kay and Todd    Russ    Kassi and Tony behindDSC07253

Karole cried thru it all, but had to read Corinthians on loveDSC07255

Lisa arrives in golf cart.DSC07256

Karole is getting ready for first grandson to walk up aisleDSC07258

Kris gets Bronson up aisle with a bribeDSC07264


Lisa’s son Jamison was part of the groomsmen and did a great job.DSC07267

Lisa and Kreighton read a list of what they love about each other-and they were very funny.DSC07269



Such a beautiful family and we hope we can go to Denver before baby arrives.DSC07281

Karson and Alysia were so adorable-and he did the best job toasting them and she helped Kris with Bronson.  What a great family we have.



OMG!!  I have not blogged since February.  Not because I have nothing to share but because I have been just that busy.  Being retired can be a busy job.

We have been working on the condo here at Rossmoor.  Now we are getting ready to rent it out for two months so we can travel to Idaho wedding for Kreighton and Lisa (nephew) and Colorado where we will enjoy Denver area and support Kreighton’s big brother, Kristopher, and family during the arrival of their new baby.

The other day we drove to Sausalito, CA as a favor to my nephew, Zak.  Oh, he really had to beg me to do this favor.  When you see the photos you will know what a difficult job it was.  Of course it was absolutely a perfect  SF Bay area day.  We had Georgie Girl so we found a restaurant that would let her eat at their outside table.

We were right on the Bay looking at Tiberon, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, SF and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Across the street were two of our favorite restaurants.  If you do not know Scoma”s or Trident restaurants you are really missing something.  The Trident sold some years back and had a new name.  It was thrilling to see the old name back up.  Locals loved sharing our pleasure over it.

Our Methodist Church at Pt. Richmond continues to keep us very busy.  We are a jazz church.  Acoustics are incredible and jazz series run for 8 months and today was “Jazz on Father’s Day”.  We are talking professional concerts.  Our minister brought this to us and publishes jazz CD’s, writes songs for the Methodist Church and is published in the new Methodist Hymnal.  We put on a Junktique Sale and I worked with others getting ready for it.  In past years I only worked the day of.  This year I joined Betty, Diane, Jonathan, Bill, Julio, Fran getting ready for it.  Betty gave me a bad time, cause I practically give stuff away, but we did great and raised more money this year than any other.  These people are a real family to Russ and I and we have been active for over 20 years.

Those of you who do not live here really should come visit us.  The Murphy bed is finally put together in the guest room, office, and we are ready for you.  We will be back in September and as many of you know, fall in SF is the best weather of the year.

The Murphy Bed story:  It came in pieces and Russ planned to put it together himself.  First time it arrived after 3 weeks, the boxes were damaged and so it all went back to Canada.  The second time, another month, it all looked good but when Russ started to work with it, gouges appeared on a key piece so he sent that back.  In the meantime for two months we had huge pieces of the bed out in our entry, living room and office.  Russ kept working on parts, and let me tell you, it was difficult and not easy to follow directions.  His battery operated screw driver, fortunately, puts in screws and then takes them out. However the Murphy Bed  was just a taped on veneer and was not meant to have any mistakes.  When the end was near and before we nailed it to the wall, I painted the office.  I’ll have to send photos later on with the results.  Suddenly we had a place looking like home.

Photos include or Friday Farmer’s Market here in Rossmoor, doe and faun, (you cannot believe all the wildlife walking around our homes-turkeys, deer, geese, predator hawks, etc,)  and the Sausalito day.


One of our pools

One of our pools

View of Sausalito

View of Sausalito



Deer in our parking lot.

Deer in our parking lot.


Our own Farmers Market at Rossmoor

Our own Farmers Market at Rossmoor

Quite a few people have cool cars.

Quite a few people have cool cars.



When your church is over 100 years old, you are responsible for the historic building lasting into the next 100 years.  For Pt. Richmond people, First Methodist is a labor of love supported by others in the community.  We hold a junktique sale, put on wonderful concerts,  make and sell Christmas cookies, hold tea parties and so on.  Each event is done with humor, fun sharing times and creativity as well as a lot of work.

One event that has been going on each February or March is the Sweetheart Dinner.  Someone wonderful from the Pt. is chosen and if they accept they ask their friends to come to our dinner. We Methodists are there both working it and enjoying it.  It is a roast.  The Methodists led by Fran Smith creator and organizer and the Pt. Richmond Yaught Club put on a wonderful dinner. But the speeches can be hysterical especially if the honoree is involved with the Masquers Theatre Group.  One such person became the new Sweetheart last Friday night.  Tamara acts and she designs clothes and sets and she organizes like nobody’s business.  And of course the Methodists love these skills as she shares them with us-most recently putting on the Christmas story at the Jazz Christmas Eve Service.  Her friends not only roasted her but shared the wonderful ways she has stood beside them.

I am so  happy to be back enjoying working with my Methodist Family and Friends and was glad to be here for Tamara’s  special nite.

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