Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Last week Russ and I were on the eastern side of Glacier as many of you saw from my gallery on Moble Me.  If you have already seen these pictures forgive me, but I do need to keep up my blog.  It is so easy to just post pictures on the gallery.  The blog requires that I think.  Oh dear, not that.

At any rate, I do want to recommend Many Glacier and entering the Highway to the Sun from the East side up to Logan Pass.  I found the East side to be more dramatic and you view more glaciers.  The best part was we did not use the free shuttle on this side but instead went in the Red bus, a 1936 invention of the Railroad magnate who came up with the idea of getting tourists in from Europe and his lodge was designed in the
Alpine style.  At first people came in by horseback, if you can believe that.

St. Mary is the entrance to the Highway to the Sun and that was so cool to stay 4 nights and look over St Mary Lake and up to the Mountains.

Then we learned heaps about the Plains Indians and of course we were on the Blackfoot Reservation.  It was a good thing the Red Bus driver, Kenny had been a forest ranger for many years in Texas and retired to Glacier.  One year there and he knew the Blackfoot stories, the flora and fauna and found us a black wolf, beaver dams, mountain goats and explained the millennia of formation of Glacier.  Did you know the Plains were rolled over and down from the mountains?  The Rockies are sediment but not granite and I have added a picture of white covered rocks, with lines from the glaciers eating away and leaving the white sediment, over one billion years old.


I am so into wildflowers as this year has produced more species than most people get to see any other years.  And moving north has meant I did not run into summer but spring.

Buffalo Grass


























Just like the 1930's









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