Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Tomorrow August 12 is Russ’s birthday, and some of you might want to e-mail him a wish at kristija@pacbell.net.

Canada was too beautiful for words.  Huge clouds always blowing across and darkening in the north.  The rolling plains below the Rockies were covered with grass, wildflowers, wheat and cattle.  We were always being told to watch out for grizzlies.  I guess you have to get up on the high trails to experience them.  We saw ground squirrels and birds.  Oh, yes, on my last day I saw a wolverine.  Not one bear!  Do I name that bad or good??

Russ loved the cool weather all the time in Montana and Alberta.  I loved the cool nights but am ready for some summer now.  On Monday morning we left the Lake Louise campground and headed out. We had loved the campground in the pines and Lake Louise and the ski lift.

view from the ski chair lift

I am doing three Moble Me galleries of our time west of Calgary in the Rockies..  One is Banff and one is Lake Louise and the other is the on the Glacier north of Banff and Lake Louise..

Canadians shop in the USA now because their dollar is worth $1.10 to our dollar.  Their gas is on the higher end too, so it was time for us to get back to the States.  After all we spent a long time just in Idaho, Montana and Alberta.  Russ said that we spent over $700 in August on gas.  Thus we will stay a week and site see SE Montana-Crow Nation and Custer battle land.

I can say that I liked the Canadians and was treated almost special. Of course I already knew from my friend Lori at Crossroads and Jacki, Kay’s friend that Canadians are special.  The Canadians in Alberta seemed to have a lot of pride in their homes and cities.  Houses of the 50’s 60’s are beautifully kept up as are lawns and farms.

Where is all the wildlife I was promised?

I also have met super RVers.  Texans and Oklahomans who could not have been sweeter or more informative.  I was on my better behavior concerning politics.  But people in Canada are so amazed by our insurance costs and how the Americans get nothing but lies about how bad the Canadian medical system is. The Alberta people are very thankful for and praise their system.

People watching-  I have seen more women smoking with kids around them in Montana and Canada than I have dreamed possible.  Idaho, not so much – is Mormon in the south so you really don’t see it.  But in the parks, at RV places, in the shopping malls etc.  Super # of smokers and women of all ages.

Also, Alberta women were generally in great physical shape-it was unusual to see large size people-and boy do they seem to exercise in the summer-everyone rode bikes, in towns, cities and over the mountains. We saw people on bikes, 30 miles from a town and there are trails through the parks next to the highways.  Some just ride on the highways.  I still have not rented to try it out.  I have pushed myself to walk on short trails with hills. Hurts coming down but I do it anyway.  My weight is the same as when I left, I still eat veggies and not so much meat, but too much flour and sugar.   In fact I know where all great bakeries are on this trip.

Water wears away

Banff where we site seed and washed the clothes expensively

Quite a walk to the glacier now!

The glacier was here in 1925

Comments on: "Russ’s Birthday" (1)

  1. Fran Smith said:

    The pictures are fantastic. and Happy Birthday to Russ. Manuel and I took a trip, too. We went to the Odd Fellows Recreation Club last Sunday and joined Sonia Darling, her daughter Chrissie, son-in-law, David, and granddaughter McKinley until they went home Monday evening. Manuel pretty much stayed in the River from 1:00 pm until 6:00 or 7:00. He snorkled for a couple of days and then discovered “muddy island” and had glorious mud fights for three afternoon. Today was UMW meeting at Mid’s cabin and we reviewed the past year. Your name came up om thanks for kickstarting UMW. We made plans for what we want to do, and pay for, in the next year.

    Love you both and miss you …..and keep those blogs coming.

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