Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Railroad Station Museum – history of Union Pacific and Cheyenne

Cheyenne has fixed up its old railroad station and turned it into a museum about the Pacific Railroad.  The story here is the best of the best.  People in 1860 – 1863 knew the Union Pacific was coming through.  About 300 trappers, business people and other odd ducks started building the town so that when the railroad arrived they were already happening.  Great stories of governors and Buffalo Bill and brothels and wonderful buildings with character in a down town that has been rescued and looks fascinating.  Capitol Street has the Capitol Building (one of the most beautiful I have seen) at one end and the Railroad Station at the other end.  The old down town churches are spectacular.  Lots of historical buildings to tour such as the governor’s mansion.  Ate at the Plains Hotel and some great photos.

Have enjoyed old friends this week who have been most hospitable even through their house is torn up getting new floors.  Hot every day though some evenings cool down and nite is great for sleeping.  I like walking around down town-being a capitol it has good employment.  Also Wyoming has coal, oil and other minerals so is in better shape than many places.  I think the whole state only has 1/2 million people.


Capitol taken from RR Station

Famous brothel

This Methodist Church is older than Pt. Richmond's

Great looking Methodist Building

Ate incredible lunch at famous historical Plains Hotel

A bit much but very real in Wyoming

I love this-the big owner of other theaters first preserved this one

Comments on: "Cheyenne, Wyoming-Cowboys and Railroads" (2)

  1. Anita said:

    Love the pictures …especially the hawk at Medcine Wheel.

  2. Have been to this station and had many visits to Cheyenne, home of my late sister and my niece and nephews! Have a book re the train station from my brother-in-law. Also know of the Methodist church altho my sister became a Lutheran. Know you are enjoying the trip. Summer ends and I had to leave the cabin. Had another great UMW meeting there again.
    Sounds like the trip going smoothly. Enjoy! Mid

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