Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Pearl Street Mall, and Victorians of Boulder

Russ and I decided I needed a break.  Even from the “girls”.  So I drove to Boulder for an afternoon.  It’s about 50 minutes south of Loveland and with map and Magellan I went the roads that run through the towns west of I-25.

We had passed through Boulder after our day on top of the world in Rocky Mt. Park.

It was a stunning town-city with buildings from the 1860’s.  Pearl Street has beautiful old business buildings and the city closed off 5 blocks, bricked from one side of street to other.  They planted trees that are now very tall and planted flower pots everywhere.  However, the best thing they do in Colorado is build child fun areas.  All along the walk way are pits for children.  Some have rocks to climb, some stone animals, some water spouts.  Even the mall in Denver yesterday had the best pit of climb on toys I have ever seen.  Kids were having a ball.

Wonderful old buildings, but now a pedestrian only bricked mall.

You can meet people from all over the world.

The children have a ball!

Maybe people do not sue in Colorado

Besides my walk through the mall, I went off to the side streets of victorians and turn of the century  homes.  Boulder was definitely part of the minerals coming out of the mountains, but the University was very early on too.  I loved the University Buildings made from Colorado rock full of minerals.

I think these people are Buddist? They owned the bookstore I loved.

Walked a mile taking about 25 pictures of homes on Spruce Street.

Lots of brick in Wyoming and Colorado

This house had a creek for a front yard and the bridge is from the street side walk to the front door.

Did you see the squirrel in the one above?

The best thing of the day was a late lunch in a deli, where I spoke to an Aussie at the register.  She invited me to join her and her husband for lunch.  They are here for one year on a teacher exchange.  She is a PE coach-teacher.  They are loving the year and we traded teacher stories.  I guess many Aussies take advantage of this and other exchange programs, then return home.  They are from Melbourne and I was given their card. What fun!.  I also met an incredible artist and enjoyed his and other artists’ work inside a shop that they all shared right on the mall..

Finally, I went to a great bookstore.  I met a librarian who helped me pick out some good books.  Sad part of the story-I lost my Nook reader.  Probably stolen from our car, but who knows.

Still seeing exquisite Methodist Churches and others out here.

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