Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Having enjoyed my friends in Cheyenne so much, I knew I must connect with Judy and Stan Wolff-Mills.  I had lost touch with my friend whom I knew in our twenties.  Judy and I taught the deaf in Yuba City.  Two powerful women who hit it off immediately.  We lived through her divorce and my growing up and buying my first home.  She taught me how important pets are and how to sew, knit and cook vegetarian. And oh yes, she and her friend taught me about sex, all those things you used to be afraid to discuss.

This Sante Fe style home was designed to be no higher than 76 degrees in summer with no air conditioning

Judy met Stan while we were still sharing our lives. They had Allie, an incredible child of course.  She has worked in London, and New York city and designed some corsets within Judy’s business.

Well, I had to return to Facebook, my least favorite thing to do on the web.  Thank God-it was how I found her, as they bought land outside of Wellington and not only built an incredible home, but started a llama ranch and her business.

Judy began a business that is fascinating and a perfect fit to all I know about her.  She hand cuts the llama’s wool, and goes thru every step up to making original woven wear that is beyond beautiful.  She also shows the llamas at the shows she sells from and of course takes personal orders.  Only Judy could do the details to jacket pieces.  The lining is unbelievable- hand died silks. OMG

Judy Wolff-Mills

265 Buddy Rooster Lane
Wellington, CO 80549-2127

These are such curious animals and wanted to greet us, but got a bit scared and whistled out a warning.

We met Judy and Stan at a Vietnamese restaurant in FT. Collins and the joy and warmth of reuniting was awesome.  Of course Russ and Stan entertained each other as Jude and I could not talk fast enough.  Then we drove north and on the plains, looking up to the Rockies and met the llamas.  They are pets in many ways, but apparently a good llama owner understands their natural personalities and does not treat them like a dog.  They are much more independent more like cats in that way and they are incredibly curious.  They really have rules for themselves.  I only heard a couple of their voices-a warning call as Russ and I and the dogs approached.  Also I had a llama at my face wait for me to breathe close to his nose so he could get to recognize me.

We took one llama for a walk with us.  It was a good mile and half  and Judy worked on commands.  She shows the llamas when she is out showing and selling her product.  I fell in love with them.

The males and females are in slightly separate areas. Stan and Judy realized that their lovely animals die at 20 years and they did not want to have the animals outlive them. So they have stopped at 20 llamas.

We will meet again in Denver.  Will not loose touch again.  I do treasure all of you and have been reminded that friendships and family are what it is about.  I think I knew it, but became lax about old friends.
Would really have missed out if I had not found these friends.

These animals just blow my mind. She was a better house guest than Izzy who immediately peed and pooped in the front room.

Can you believe the coloration?

The view

Comments on: "What is the friendship connection?" (1)

  1. Cynthia Myers said:

    I want her for a friend, too!!!!!
    We will miss you Thursday.
    Love, Cyn

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