Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

At the top of the world, almost 13,000 feet high.

Rocks have been broken by years of water seepage. The formations in the Rockies are exquisite.

So beautiful

Love the information wherever we go

This land is your land

We are at top of the world. However, since here we found out 53 Mtns are at 14,000 and higher in this great state we .

Since Russ and I arrived in Colorado we have been constantly impressed.  We are driving south at the east side of Rocky Mtns.  Loveland was a great camp site at the base of Estes Park leading us to Rocky Mtn Park-so high and tundra style above the treeline.  Fascinating and literally breathtaking.  We drove a loop that took us south in high country and then around and  north through more canyons back into Boulder and then north to return to Loveland.  9 1/2 hours of scenery and mining towns and lakes and canyons.  Never seen anything like it.

Follow our trip From Loveland, on 34 up to Estes Park and over the pass and south to Highway 70 thru Arapaho National Forest, then north thru canyons to Boulder and back north to Loveland.

The dogs were in the car with us all day.  Everything is big and high and you can see for miles and miles.  Huge clouds just take my breath away.  300 days of sunshine in this area.  Supposedly snow is dry and does not stay in the plains towns for long.  Everyone we meet gives us reasons to live anywhere along the towns you see west of US 25.

Well last week we were in Loveland and had no Verizon so I got behind.  Had to address the Loveland trips.  We have learned to stay longer and site see from car.  Not so expensive in gas.  When we left Loveland we only went to Littleton south of Denver and stayed in the nicest state park I could imagine.  I wish I took pictures.  Then we left there and came here outside of Colorado Springs.  Visually this is the most beautiful RV Park and the entire area is one incredible trip after another.  We are here till Friday when we leave for Sante Fe’.  I have at least 3 more blogs to post just from this area, so enjoy.

Comments on: "Loveland, Estes Park and Rocky Mtn National Park" (1)

  1. Troy Williams said:

    Hello to my traveling maniac neighbors!! I so wish I was with you…too bad Parker isn’t in Colorado Springs right now. He is in Garden City, Kansas currently. However, in his email of today he will be in Colorado Springs this week on Wed. and Thurs. Perhaps you guys could look him up at the Mission Home in Springs–the address is 4090 Center Park Dr. Suite 4, Colorado Springs. How would that be!! He would love to see you both. See what you can do…..we love following your blog and adventures on wheels. Stay sane and safe.
    Love to you both, Troy & Heather

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