Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Beautiful church garden that clearly was also a fund raiser, people donated the stone benches with family members who have passed.

Lovely couple about my age, moved here from Oregon, bought condo, bikes and motorcycle. Said it is a perfect place to live-again, snow is dry and melts by 10 in the AM

Sundays are interesting.  Most of the time it becomes a magical day.  This last Sunday was one of those.  First I did a beautiful long walk around this campground, and as I walked by one person’s spot he asked me if I knew where to get medical marijuana.  I didn’t even stumble.  I could see he was in pain and he didn’t seem a threat.  Strangely Russ and I had noticed that Colorado has lots of places and had asked my friend about it.  Seems they are like California.  So I went back to the RV, Googled it and you would not believe how many balloons came up close by.  So Russ took him a copy.  However, just on the walk back a woman approached me to share what Jesus had done to heal her son.  There is a type of fundamentalist approach that usually just raises the hair on my arms.  But I actually told myself that I was just as prejudiced as others.  After all I had just helped a guy get his marijuana, so surely a could hear a beautiful story about her son’s healing.

Then we drove into downtown Colorado Springs and could not believe how beautiful it was.  There were great Victorian homes, churches made from Colorado stone, and it was mixed in with tall modern brick offices.  Everything with the blue bright sky.  We met a couple our age with bikes-they recommended living here.  Apparently the snow is so dry it blows away.  According to them everyone gets a motorcycle and does outdoor sports.  They were the ones that told us to go a few blocks east and see Colorado College especially the Shove Chapel.

Well that was another treat.  People were being fed outside the chapel.  We met Steve who was working it. He told us he would be  happy to show us the chapel.  He was so pleased to show us around and tell us stories about the history, that we just roamed and enjoyed.  He

took us up the circular steps into the tower, opened the door to the bells and they began to ring-the quarter hour~ needless to say he closed the door until it was over, but what a thrill.  I could not believe we went outside the tower roof and took pictures 360 degrees.  It is so strange to turn one way to the highest mountains ever, then 180 to the plains of Kansas.

Sunday was 9/11 and we lit candles in the chapel.

Steve walked us up the tower to the bells and roof. This is his daughter.

Colorado College and the Shove Chapel. They feed the hungry every Sunday and we arrived in time.

We barely opened the door and the bells peeled. Wow!!!

From the top of the tower!

The windows are spectacular. You ought to Google the College to see the pix.

Our wonderful guide, Steve, who is very involved in the community and the food for the hungry.

Now for some of the wonderful homes!

Some of these are apartments but quite a few a single family dwellings.

Love this house

Love the cottages as usual.

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