Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

A lotta peppers

Izzy and Shadow Seeking Pinochle Buddies


I have been reflecting and sharing with many of you about this unique journey.  I know it seems like I am all about site seeing and meeting people.  Boy do I enjoy that part of the Full Time RVer.  However, as I have shared with some of you, it is learning to live in the present and trusting the Universe to guide me that has made the experience devine. It has allowed me to notice  signs, signals and feelings that seem to guide me to my next place in the journey.

For example-we have not followed our original plans for spending this fall in New England.  Also, we love Santa Fe’  but staying this long came from “gut” feelings that I could not explain.  Then we tossed around wintering in Tucson or Mesa versus moving across Texas and the Gulf Coast.  Nothing felt right and I sure could not understand it.

Finally, there were the thoughts about missing my “Bay Area home”-not the house but my sister, my close friends and buddies, my church, my neighbors.  Parts of me felt the break was permanent even though I hoped I was staying open to all the possibilities.  Then Russ’s health issues arose.  A wonderful podiatrist not only advised us as to treatment-but stepped out of the box, listened to my concerns about being in an RV in Denver in cold weather and a recovering from surgery while trying to take care of everything.

She could see it would be better for me to be in Bay Area where Russ and I have the support of friends and family. Then Russ thought of Bethel Island. There are not many great RV places right in the area- this one puts us close enough, an interesting place and our RV club friends say it is a good place-and the price is right!  I think I will be able to do most of the things Russ does on the RV except for dealing with tow dolly and that will be one time.  And finally, there seems to be the recognition that we were meant to stay in the west this summer-and that being able to get to our health care providers at this time may have been why I could not commit to what was next on the journey.

Well, for me, the feeling that I can have my “Bay Area” now and in the future has cleared up.  There is a real freedom in my heart and I seem to find that reassuring.  So again, I keep learning that I am not in control, trusting that answers do come in their right time works.  I feel that Russ and I are closer than ever.  I am so glad we humans have our free choice, and I get that we make better choices with information-but I love seeing how much information is right at hand, if you just slow down and stay in the moment instead of the future.

I could take pictures of New Mexico fences all day

Autumn on Rio Grande River

Comments on: "“Full Timer” a title for living and traveling year around in your RV" (1)

  1. Ed Tippetts said:

    Doesn’t mean your trip is ending just a detour on the road. Sorry about Russ’s health problems, but they will get bettter. By the way Lynn fell 2 weeks ago and fractured her right shoulder. I understand how this changes things. Ed

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