Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Russ and I enjoy Santa Fe’ in so many ways.  We love lazy mornings and then going somewhere with the “girls” for the afternoon.  So yesterday we took a drive out the main road we are staying on, Cerrillos.  Where does Cerrillos go?  Well, it goes to the town of Los Cerrillos and the little and funky town of Madrid which was once a thriving coal mining and production area with 2500 people-part of a company town.  Everyone said it was unusual and kind of cool to go see.  Of course most people know of it because of the movie “Wild Hogs”.  We found it interesting to say the least.  I went on line to read the history of it after we got back.  It was a great soft fall day-you know- the sky is that soft blue and the air caresses you.  The sun makes the fall colors sing.

The surrounding area and driving on the Turquoise Trail=which is a scenic route to Albuquerque-is rather interesting just by itself.Nothing about the town is perfect but is has great artists, people living on the very edge, and 70 hippies. Apparently Christmas is a great tradition going back to the mining days.  A huge parade.

I am adding a couple of links to web sites telling the history and what is going on.  Funky is really fun.  Great ice-cream parlor and porch to eat it on.  Old Victorians and some really run down buildings.  Some fixed up, too. No landscaping or extremely casual.   I don’t want to sound like it was not worth it, because it was a really cool place to visit.  Made me feel like those little bitsy towns as you go to the coast in Marin County.  But the mining history means a lot more buildings and art.

You really want to see the movie if you have not.

Love these right on the main street

No yards around here, just spots to sitArt?


Looks like no one loves this house

This couple were perfect for the scene

This was in the movie and the cutest 10 or 11 year old was reading an essay she had written to her family and friends.

Great paint job and really cool wool shawls.

Comments on: "Madrid, N.M. pronounced Mad rid by the locals" (1)

  1. jolin honas said:

    I love that you are able to experience the world. I want to do that! Hey, win the lottery will ya so all your family can go traveling across Europe! miss you.

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