Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Tito retired and became an artist and has access to PAHO art school

All sides of Tito's art tell the dance of the hunt

Another view of Tito's work

What a great experience this visit was.

Native American Art School and Museum allows the People to use the facilities and take classes

From the car we would see this all the time and I always figured I would have time to come back-almost missed that time.

Steve from Utah is now winning blue ribbons at fairs and will soon start selling his art.

You should click on the art so you can see it full size.

Met Steve, native American who learned who he wanted to be when he grew up, what an artist


My girl Izzy has a hard time walking, now, but she liked wandering into the doorways.

On one fine day we left at noon to go see Bandelier and we were side-tracked by a Pueblo we  have often driven past.  The Poeh has an art museum and incredible art instructors as well as all the tools of the art trade.  Native Americans from several Pueblos use this place to learn and to produce wonderful art.

I just wanted to take some external pictures and give the dogs a walk.  When I came around a corner, I heard power tools and saw two gentlemen sculpturing with sandblasting tools.  I asked if I might take a picture of one man working and from that moment on I was in relationship with Tito a Santa Claran.  He retired and started his art.  When I asked  how he knew he would be so good, he said he never thought about it.  His family was all artists and he just assumed he would be.

Then he introduced me to Steve who works with marble.  Steve lived in Utah with his native American wife who was in the forest service fighting fires.  They moved here when she moved up in the  service.  He decided he would try something new-and feels he has found himself.  We talked and talked.  He had a cousin in a Murtaugh in southern Idaho.  We hung out summers at the same reservoirs and outdoor places.  I think his sculptures are beyond good.  We stood around his vehicle and he shared some of his work with me while the girls sat in the shade.

I am so lucky that I meet such friendly people that share their lives with me.

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  1. Larry said:

    First post of yours I have read, and I’m glad I was included in receiving this!

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