Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Been awhile since I last blogged.  We are living on Bethel Island, outside Oakley, Brentwood and on the Sacramento Delta.

So much to share, so will do a several blogs to journal this experience back at home without the  house.

We cooked Thanksgiving together with my sister and brother in law.  New recipes, my niece and nephew with their significant others.  So much warm laughter and teasing.  Russ in his cast to keep his foot from tearing up before surgery. Dogs loving the space at Kay’s but so happy to get home at night in our tiny, cozy space on the island. Night walks with the girls under star studded skies, or foggy cool air-still warmer than Santa Fe’!  Long drives into Martinez area to be with friends, medical appointments and shop in familiar places. We are generally 45 minutes to an hour away from everything we do-but Kaiser is out here and Brentwood has grown from country to upgraded suburbia.  Housing springing up surrounded by farms-probably like Concord in the 1960’s and 70’s.  Correct me if my time line is wrong.

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Comments on: "Being a Full Timer in your own backyard!" (7)

  1. Cynthia Myers said:

    Isn’t it amazing, we take our wondrous (is that even a word?) extended Bay Area for granted. When Melissa went to UOP I discovered another world beyond Mount Diablo. Thanks for the pics…everybody looks so good!!!! Love, Cyn

  2. I know. The pictures out by Kay’s house in Martinez, with late fall colors and Oak Tree are just amazing. Then Pittsburg Antioc industry on the Sacramento River, just samples of what we see here.

  3. Jolin Honas said:

    I have a lot to learn in the blog arena. You are a good rolemodel Kristi. I am glad all is well. Hope you had a good holiday time.

  4. Larry said:

    Wonderful photos, and good to hear Y’all are doing well. We’re in Yuma now, and will be here ’till March, then on to Mohave Valley for a month.

    Hope Russ’s foot surgery is successful and as painless as possible. You guys have a wonderful Christmas, and hope to see you “down the road”.

    Mary Ann & Larry (& Romeo too)

  5. …and you’re STREAMING! Loving it.

  6. Karole said:

    Excellent pictures! kh

  7. May Cotton said:

    When did your sis’s kids get old enough to have significant others!?! She looks great, by the way, as do you and Russ. Haven’t had a chance to read your blog for a while, but I’m glad I checked it today. Sending you warm hugs and Christmas greetings.

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