Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Checkout the "wine glass"

Russ was there-what? No pictures of Kristi?

One year has passed since we went on our first RV experience with the Four Winds RV Travel Group.  Russ knew Pat at cards and I knew her from the YMCA pool- she said their group would train us-so it is fitting we are back to join them a year later, scarred and smarter  about driving our home. French’s Camp near Manteca is a good place to play with friends.  Since we have not been driving in months it was good to get out on the road.  In fact I said to Russ, “Just keep driving and don’t stop”.  Good food and good people!   Tony and Rosemary really know how to cook up the corned beef.  Lots of ideas where to travel when we leave California  sometime!  These people have been everywhere over the years.  One nite a bunch of us taught each other to play Bunco.  I won for something! Tonight Russ is playing pinocle and I am in Starbucks working on this blog.  Walked the girls and put them in the car.  Izzy has peed in the motor home the last 4 days!  It rained (fortunately for California) all last week.  I had my teeth cleaned today and my back adjusted.  You know, just living except in a Trailer Park.

I see that a once before mistake has moved the right column with all the names of previous posts to the very bottom of this post.  If you want to be notified directly each time I post please scroll down.  You can also submit comments.

Thank you Four Winds people!!!!!

Joanne from the YMCA, too.So many links in our lives.

Pat is teaching Russ how to work on his ancestry on the internet.

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