Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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More about Chamberlain, SD and the Missouri

Chamberlain SD, Missouri River, Shnauzer

Mt. Rushmore is very Patriotic

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Mt. Rushmore has covered parking garages, an incredibly beautiful walk up to the viewing area,  arches that frame the view as you walk closer, then a walk way lined by the 50 state flags.  There are restaurants and museums and great movies of the building of it.  Then we  took a walk of about 3/4 mile up and down just below the presidents.  The walk is all beautiful boardwalk nicer than any park I have seen.  The views of every angle, the marble rocks below and the trees were spectacular.  The amphitheater is gorgeous and the people were from all over the world.  I enjoyed a native American family from Ontario Canada and we exchanged picture taking. Encourage the trip and the beauty of the Black Hills.

The Long Drive from Cody to Rapid City, ND otherwise Mt. Rushmore

WE are in a great RV Park “Happy Holiday” just outside Rapid City and just before Mt. Rushmore on highway 16.

Did no one ever tell me how pretty the area is?  I love it, but the drive was a long one and Shadow and I did not fare well.  I literally continued rocking and rolling once we arrived and it was not helped by the 100 degree heat.  From low cold temps in Yellowstone right into heat.

We crossed the Big Horn Park and Mountains that we drove up into last year in the summer, but we were crossing the southern pass.  We both shared the driving but when we got to Sturgis I made Russ drive thru town just so I could get a quick look.  I think every tourist on a motorcycle goes to see it even if their travel time is not the big event in August.

Big Horn was one hell of a climb but again so gorgeous.  Then you cross land that looks like the waves of the ocean, but each time you come out of a trough you are higher.  Anyway here’s some pictures and am looking forward to tomorrow at Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park.

We crossed these mountains in Wyoming

We drove in this gorge and high above it.

The top of the mountain range

Art on the side of a building in Sturgis


Lots of Family for Jolin and Kris’s visit and baby shower

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This is merely a photo gallery taken while Kris and Jolin came down from Alaska pre baby being born.  We are at my sister, Karole’s, in Blackfoot, Idaho.  Karole’s sons, Kris, Kreighton and Karson are all together.  The “Greenawalt” sign hung on my father’s store in Gooding, Idaho for many years.

More to come.  I am journalizing through the blog.  Hope you all don’t get bored as I spend the evening in a Cody McDonald’s catching up from the month in Idaho.  Almost out of power-so back to the motor home and get ready to move on to Rapid City, South Dakota tomorrow.  Mt. Rushmore to come.

Regean’s birthday at Sun Valley, Idaho

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My week at my brother’s was wonderful.  We got ready for Regean’s first birthday party, and also celebrated on the actual date at a park with sun shine and heat.  She loves the water.

Russ and I got bikes and that led to racks, helmets etc.  In Sun Valley, a bike trail goes for miles to link the 3 little town and I learned to ride my bike again after many many years.  They are so much easier!!!!!

The week before the party was a rehearsal, so when all the folks came, Regean was ready to show off, clap with the birthday song and blow out the candles.  Very sweet.

Cody, WY and Buffalo Bill

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Russ and I took Shadow for a walk, she loves to sniff at the doorways of Cody and was often invited in to browse.  One shop had the greatest clothes,  I had to get out before I spent money.

Then Buffalo Bill himself came up to us, filled us in on the best places to go, gave us a book of tickets and specials and proceeded to lead us to the store with the gun on top.  Most important he pointed out the best coffee place and they made us our breakfast burrito.  Yeah!

In the afternoon we saw the Plains Indians display at the museum, the guns display and I went through Buffalo Bill  Cody’s section.  Actually quite a story.  And the museum was one of the best I have ever visited.

At the end of the day, we rode our new bikes all over town.  I love my bike!

Oh, yeah, I did spend money-bought Great Niece, Regean a pair of pink cowboy boots Last year it was native American moccasins.


Yellowstone Park in the Cold Weather

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The pictures below are some of Yellowstone’s animal sightings.  Lots of buffalo-whole herds, but my favorite was the Mom and son that walked up to the car-Russ did not roll down the window to touch.

We were in pretty cold weather.  The one picture (second from last I think) is Henry Lake outside Yellowstone.  32 degrees at night, 60 mile an hour winds.  Frankly getting to Cody WY has been a great improvement.

Shadow has been having trouble adjusting to travel without Izzy.  We will have to see how it goes.

I will do another blog of Cody.  I really like this place!  You come out of Yellowstone on the Yellowstone Lake and travel through a high mountain pass that was spectacular.  Down through a colorful gorge and along a huge reservoir and through tunnels into Cody.  It is full of really nice people-the best museum with one whole section just the history of guns, with guns from the beginning of time.  Since guns are not my thing, I enjoyed the way they were set up historically.

It is good to be traveling again.


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