Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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We stayed in a state park, Potowatamie, on the west side next to Sturgeon Bay

Russ and I are in Milwaukee area staying at my friend Ron’s home and getting to know his wife “Doc” and his two children.  Went to swim team practice and are going to tennis practice with the girls today.  Pictures will come on the next blog

I am trying to catch up so Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan and Green Bay turned out to be the best treat my brother Scott has given me.  He knew many Chicago friends who loved this area for a vacation retreat and for weekend getaways from the heat.  It is farmland and forest and some of the best state Parks you can imagine.  The weather was perfect and I could easily go back.

They grow cherries for pie making and we bought the pies instead.  The campground had great roads to bike and we enjoyed our rides through the forest peeking out on Green Bay as we went.  My favorite towns were Egg Harbor and Fish Creek.  There are lots of cool light houses to enjoy as well.  In fact on one of the walkways next to the coast guard station we met a couple that were new together who met on the last week of each of them wintering in Lake Placid Florida.  They suggested we try to get into their park next winter. We heard from that Motor Home park and they have 3 spots if we can commit for next winter.  Lots to think about as usual.  And so little time.

But most of you know that I watch for clues and ask questions and this seemed like a really great clue.   Did I tell you all that in Blackfoot Idaho at my sisters I saw a car that was from Bozarth dealership in Colorado.  The license plate had RON between a few number.  Together Ron Bozarth is his name-when I e-mailed him he surprised me that he had built a home in Wisconsin (I knew him from college and Seattle).  Asked us to come visit and we are having a terrific time.

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