Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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The River Road Campground with a Pool between Corinth and Luzern

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When you are in the vacation area we are in, little towns and I do mean little, just follow each other up and down the highways;  motels and campgrounds, fruit stands and restaurants; homes and businesses just sort of scatter along the way.  While we have found the town of Glenn Falls, 20 minutes away, and Saratoga Springs about an hour south, we are sort of isolated in the forests.

The campground have a couple in their 80’s running it and living here year around.  They have owned it for 36 years.  She never wanted to sell her beautiful home in New Jersey, but a few years back she did finally.  Guests here park and some stay on their sites for the summer and today I met one of the families that are into their 3rd generation of family members coming up on the weekends.  They said they cover up the trailer for the winter and come back in summer.  (Some of the trailers look like they have been here forever and a day.)

The pool is great and this weekend there will be music in the pavilion.  Acorns drop on the roof throughout the day and nite.  Last night Shadow, the scardy cat-dog-had to climb into bed and I slept for two hours with her wrapped in my arms-she shakes and shivers and pants.  I don’t know, but I guess the sound of the acorns is too much like the thunder storms that terrorize her.

Lake George, NY is the summer resort for locals! Californians not so much.

Just some pretty pictures of the town area of Lake George

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Lake George seems to attract locals. There are not many license plates that say California and people stare and ask a question or two. I also asked some questions and have learned this area is mostly vacation land for New Yorkers, New Jersey and Pennsylvanians. We met a great couple from Yonkers when we are at a little spot on Lake George. They joined us for lunch and shared their funny story of meeting 2 ½ years ago, through an on line dating site and how much fun they have had every since. They had the accents!-hers the Yonkers Italian accent was like one straight out of a TV sit com.

Seems they had talked a few times by phone, but couldn’t seem to get together so on the third or forth visit, she said, how about tonight? He said he was so scared and all his body could think of was –I need several days to prepare for this date. But instead of running he had a few beers and even though he was sure she would not appreciate his blue collar self, they began talking and laughing and have been together since. We loved that they had driven up for the weekend on a motorcycle.

We shared our story and then we moved on and left them to their wine.  Sometimes I miss my wine, but not much.

Where we Live

Shadow who hates storms especially thunder and lightning  got all nervous with rain gently falling in the forest, and apparently the cones and nuts falling on the roof in this forest by the Hudson River make her think of thunder.  Anyway, I came out of the bedroom at 9:00 AM and she has taken over the sofa and moved the pillows to suit.  As for the rest, Russ makes coffee the night before and he gets on his computer at least an hour before I get up.  Right now we look out of the trees to the pavilion and pool.  Days are starting later and getting dark earlier.  We do not have TV right now, so I am getting lots of reading done.  Finally reading the Hunger Games Trilogy for fun.  Not so bad.

Also getting in the cool pool for a descent period of exercise. Not the 82 degrees at the YMCA.


Toronto and Teri #2

I mostly want to send you all more photos, so here we go.

Went on a ferry to Toronto Island in Lake Ontario and we biked the island, ate lunch at an elegant restaurant and caught photo’s of the Toronto skyline from the island and ferry.

Russ calls his friend, Joanne in Roanoke Park as we watch the sailboats.

We dine at a 4star restaurant on the island and the manager is a friend of teri’s.  He buys our dessert and hopefully I can put in the photo.  I seem to be having trouble with this today.

A delightful hour and calamari like I have never eaten. Wow!

Makes me think of Bay Area SF. Boats everywhere and the skyline is spectacular.

Russ and Teri, as usual no pictures of me! There are actually funky little cottages on the island and people live there without cars.

August 23, Catching up about Toronto and Teri

Toronto’s Art Museum with Picasso show from the Louve

Teri belongs to the Museum so we were allowed into member’s only building-a gorgeous old house in back of the museum.

I am in Toronto at my friend’s home.  We started kindergarten together in Gooding, Idaho and went right on through to high school.  Fortunately she caught up with me via FACE Book.  So when Russ and I got to Niagara Falls, I contacted her and it was not difficult to be talked into a visit here.

Teri is a writer and she has given me a book that I will want to share with you all.  It is named The Devine Feminine Fire.  Teri has long been involved in Yoga, saving the planet environmentally and researching those things that are important to her.  We have barely touched on all the conversation I would enjoy, but I leave with a book I am so ready to read.

My photo’s show a the exciting days we have been lucky to share because Teri is the best ever hostess and tour guide.  Besides she has the most wonderful daughter, an artist that I have just plain fallen for. Teri adopted her daughter a bit later in life and OMG-were they ever meant to be sharing mother-daughter roles.  They are both extremely artistic in so many ways.  They are both beautiful women, and they have a way with words that just  knocks my socks off.

K…. spent last summer in France studying art so she emulates her mother a bit.  Teri traveled the world-Tibet, India, Europe and so on.

Also K…. is a dog groomer and works at a Patissier (pastry shop) to make money for college  and I am hoping my sister will get her labradoodle, Louie the same cut as her dog,  John Lennon.  K is also going to one of the top art colleges in Canada and I hope I took photos of her art.  At any rate enjoy the photos in this blog and I must do a follow up on Teri’s book and K’s art if I find the photos.

Niagara Falls is Big, Noisy and Monsterously Beautiful

Boy oh boy.  We left Cleveland around 3:00 in the afternoon to come up to Niagara Falls.  Did you know you go through a little part of Pennsylvania to get into the Northwest section of New York?  This was after we went to Cleveland Kaiser so Russ could get a blood test and then to a vet so Shadow could get her shots in order to get into Canada.  Someone actually said it was only an hour and 1/2 drive.  Try 4 and 1/2 hours. We were thankful that the navigator told us the truth.  But when we got here the navigator took us all around the area to take us in a back way to our campground.  But there was no back way!

We were exhausted and woke up tired today.  But God forbid we should let that stop us.  We booked our first tour since we started traveling and by 11:00 we were on our way to Niagara Falls.  On the tour bus we met people from Australia and from South Africa.  Life on the road is very entertaining.


When we got back this afternoon around 4:00 Russ went out to fight it out with the satellite dish.  Would you believe we missed the last night of The Closer?  I have HULU so I can probably catch it on there.  Do you all know about HULU?

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Cars from 1954-56 Russ is so Happy!

Russ and I on the first Monday after arriving in Cleveland went for a drive west on Lake Erie’s shore.  Saw gorgeous houses with boat docks and enjoyed the old old buildings, this area actually got white people in the 1700’s.  But that was not the big excitement.  When we stopped at a park on the lake, I met two men who had just come from a car show a few miles west of us.  Only 1954-1956 crown victoria and a few other fords of the era, were in this club which meets in different states each year.  I surprised Russ and drove him to it and he was one happy man back in his teen years of cars that he fixed up.  He met people who spent up to $50,000 fixing these cars up.  One Man was a farmer and spent years fixing his in the barn.

So Nice to be with Gae!

Gae has Bear and two cats. Never met such loving animals in my life.


Gae is my friend from teaching special ed who introduced me to my dog Izzy.  She changed my life in other ways too.  She was always there to help out and clean up after me.  She organized me-OMG is that possible.  She loves all sorts of crafts and she makes beautiful quilts.  Well her friend left a joke of a bowling ball on her porch, so she did to it what you see below and gave it back.


While we are here I am cooking up vegetarian meals from my Power Foods Cook Book.  Nancy Thornton got me into this great cook book.  Soba noodles and stir fry tonight with Boc Choy and broccoli.

Monday we are off to Amish Country and then back here.






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