Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Toronto’s Art Museum with Picasso show from the Louve

Teri belongs to the Museum so we were allowed into member’s only building-a gorgeous old house in back of the museum.

I am in Toronto at my friend’s home.  We started kindergarten together in Gooding, Idaho and went right on through to high school.  Fortunately she caught up with me via FACE Book.  So when Russ and I got to Niagara Falls, I contacted her and it was not difficult to be talked into a visit here.

Teri is a writer and she has given me a book that I will want to share with you all.  It is named The Devine Feminine Fire.  Teri has long been involved in Yoga, saving the planet environmentally and researching those things that are important to her.  We have barely touched on all the conversation I would enjoy, but I leave with a book I am so ready to read.

My photo’s show a the exciting days we have been lucky to share because Teri is the best ever hostess and tour guide.  Besides she has the most wonderful daughter, an artist that I have just plain fallen for. Teri adopted her daughter a bit later in life and OMG-were they ever meant to be sharing mother-daughter roles.  They are both extremely artistic in so many ways.  They are both beautiful women, and they have a way with words that just  knocks my socks off.

K…. spent last summer in France studying art so she emulates her mother a bit.  Teri traveled the world-Tibet, India, Europe and so on.

Also K…. is a dog groomer and works at a Patissier (pastry shop) to make money for college  and I am hoping my sister will get her labradoodle, Louie the same cut as her dog,  John Lennon.  K is also going to one of the top art colleges in Canada and I hope I took photos of her art.  At any rate enjoy the photos in this blog and I must do a follow up on Teri’s book and K’s art if I find the photos.

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