Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Staying at Liberty Harbor RV and Marine with Incredible Views of NYC

Along the road from the path train to and from NYC we pass the harbor

This is a bike and walking path on Liberty Island. We rode over from the Harbor parking area and rode around it. Found ourselves looking at Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty is right here and the city is across the river.

Looking at the new World Trade Center Buildings in process-one about done.

Ferry boat brings back NYC working people in their suits and ties or in their hard core working clothes here to Jersey City. First night we were here, they were arriving.  I stood there watching them come off.  Don’t know why, it just struck me funny, maybe because I watch shows such as “Suits” and  “Sex and the City” and it just seemed interesting to see the other group commuting.

The colors are real.

As we biked back from the island this was the view of our RV’s.

Us parked in our fancy 75 dollar a day parking spot.

View from our RV windows-pretty fancy, huh.

Apartments with resturants below that we see on our walks to the train to go to and from the city.

another building to pass-bar on a corner. Living on the docks is a real mixture of interesting. Walking home at 10:00 PM is really weird. Would not do it in SF. B ut have no problems here.

Mystic Connecticut on a Rainy Day

Yes, ladies Mystic Pizza (remember the movie with Julia Roberts) is a very good pizza.  But the day we drove in was dark cloudy and rainy.  I did get the name of a hair dresser, too, and got hot red hair again with a pretty good cut.

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Wreck in our RV, Today

Ok, we are not hurt, nor is the other old man involved, and both of us could drive away in our vehicles!

We had to move from one campground to another today, only 15 or so miles apart.  Strawberry Park was gorgeous and full of nice people.  But the cost on the weekend is $79 a day.  

Then there was the issue of returning something to Target so we were doing both things and did not get the right exit or turn or something.  So Russ was looking for a place where our big rig and car could circle around.  He found it, Mc Donalds and just turned in in front of a moving lane of traffic.  I am watching the lane of traffic coming straight toward us and and realizing that the closest black truck is not seeing us make our mistake in time to brake enough.   So, whiz, bang.  The old guy about Russ’s age brakes and pulls to the left, snags our bumper over the tire,  grinds to the end.

Missing something??

Well the other guy is pretty shook.  I go into school teacher mode, out into the street pick up pieces of our vehicle, round traffic around and help the guy.  Connecticut State Police arrive and move him off the road too.  I told them we were at fault and Russ made phone calls and got all the information for the man-George Singer.  We were together for 1 and 1/2 hours chitchatting and like I said both of us have plenty of repairs but we could drive away ok. He even said it was nice to meet us.

Already heard from the insurance people and we have to drive into Hartford Monday on the way to NYC.  Russ is pretty wiped out.  It definitely shook him up that he had not even seen the traffic. As they say, getting old is not for sissies.And he better not complain again when I backseat drive.

Coastal Acres Campground in Province Town on Cape Cod

These few pictures I just wanted to post cause they show how dog friendly P Town is.

The picture toward the beach and town from the dock shows the blue and white awnings of the restaurant, Pepe’s, where we ate twice and enjoyed sunset time.

I also wanted to comment that the Coastal Acres Campground is one of the best we have stayed that is in immediate proximity of the town.  It is a beautiful spot-no hook up for water dumping, but you can dump as you pull out.  WE had one of our little nightmares-the guy said the dump was easy access so Russ hooked the car up to drive there.  Well the little circle was way too small for our rig and car but there was no way to get out.  We should have unhooked the car and so on, which we did, but not until after Russ’s faux pas.  He backed the tow dolly which did not work and the RV bumped and gouged the front fender of the car. I had so loved driving a car without dents.

(Dang it, I just erased two more paragraphs.)

People rode bikes everywhere, even to the beaches.  We should have, but we always had Shadow so not too good on the exercise situation.

Now we are in MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT, staying at a very fancy place called STRAWBERRY PARK,  actually located 22 miles north of here as the Crow flies.  It took 7 county and state roads to get here and about 25 minutes.  My problem again is all the beautiful forested land-cause you can never mark where you are by a Mt. Diablo, or  lava beds, or a Mountain Range.  But today I hope to get pictures of the homes and farms with rock fences.  Just like in the picture books of New England.

I am in Starbucks waiting for a hair appointment that was mis-scheduled by an hour.  Oh well, time for this and being alone.  However, I just met two couples here from Manchester, England.  They rented cars at JFK and are driving New England for a couple of weeks.

Had pizza yesterday at Mystic Pizza and guess what, the recipe is really as good as they said in the movie with Julia Roberts.  All kinds of photos and they are running the moving in the resturant from all angles.  Did you know that most men have no idea what the place is about nor do they care.

Cape Cod, Loves Dogs, Shares Sunsets, Feeds Fine Food

Just got to share more pictures of Cape Cod

We had so much fun eating out looking at the setting sun coloring the water

We ate seared 2 inch thick Atlantic Tuna, fresh

We did not really shop, just looked

Shadow met every dog in town and drank from every store bowl or water faucet

This town loves the dogs

We met lots of people who rescued their dogs

There were so many languages being spoken that we said hi on the beach times and many people spoke English

These guys had a wedding party of at least 6 carts.

Russ feeling lazy with a book at our park-

Sunset dinner with Russ

Cape Cod all the way to P.Town (Province Town)

The male dog forward is a competitor and adorable. The family was full of ideas for us as well.

We were at the tip of Cape Cod-gorgeous beaches, a great and exciting town full of old buildings, fun businesses, tourists, food and views like you see in California.

Love the churches!

Between the buildings of “P. Town” are these great views.

Like Carmel, everywhere are motels, cabins, darling businesses, restaurants.

night in P. Town (know one knows why Province Town was shortened to Pee Town) But I can say that San Francisco and Pee Town have a lot in common-lots and lots of guys in relationships and in groups and running businesses, and getting married.

Canoe Creek Campground is 45 minutes from Boston!

I took these pictures to remember driving down the streets about 45 minutes from Boston.  All the towns run together and forests grow everywhere, between homes, along the roads, along the freeways.  Sometimes I just get claustrophobic.

The Canoe Creek Campground in Mansfield has been around a long time, bridges, ponds, the creek itself, ducks and geese and the white swan that I barely caught in a picture that I cannot find.  The cute trailer spot in the photo is how this one couple comes back to the same spot each year, some of it holds up and they just fix it up for a pretty and personal touch each year.  Then in the winter they take off somewhere else, or do as others, return to their home.

We left, Mansfield on Wednesday and then spent  the next five days out on Cape Cod.  So cool to be on white sand beaches with sunny days of fall.  Today we are already at a gorgeous place pretty close to Mystic,  Connecticut.  There is a downside however, rain is coming this week.  Too bad we don’t gamble.  We are near Casinos.  Again we are in the woods.


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