Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Boston area has been great like San Francisco is great.  It has such charm and character and history.  The beauty of the old up against the new is exciting.  But we certainly earned our fascinating days in the city.  No one really gave us information about the train out of this odd area Mansfield.  We had at least five adventures getting there and getting back.  So after the weekend of going to Boston we spent a day of rest watching TV and reading.  Then today, our last day at this campground I decided the clear cool weather was perfect for going to Plymouth.  It was not like I wanted to see “The Rock” but walking around where those early Pilgrims walked is pretty cool.

The dates in the cemetery from the 1600’s!  The Unity Church with an active registry since 1620.  The American flag that was one of the first which I had never seen before!  Getting on the replica of the Mayflower.  The area itself is charming and beautiful and the houses are just so New England.

I met two women traveling with others from LA.  I think they were all widowed and African American.  We must have visited for 15 minutes or more sharing what we love about the adventure of traveling and also just being Californians.

Shadow won over these gals and others.  She and Russ did not get on the Mayflower with me.  Shadow loves all the grey bushy tailed squirrels here. Russ sometimes just loves a bench with a view and I loved the Mayflower and the people on it telling its story.  Seems the ship never came into land as that harbor is very shallow.  The people were 2 miles out on the ship and some of them rowed in every day to build the early shelters.  This was November and getting cold.  So most of them lived on the ship until February when enough shelter had been built.  You know that half of them died that first year!  Can you imagine the misery they went through?

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