Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Ok, we are not hurt, nor is the other old man involved, and both of us could drive away in our vehicles!

We had to move from one campground to another today, only 15 or so miles apart.  Strawberry Park was gorgeous and full of nice people.  But the cost on the weekend is $79 a day.  

Then there was the issue of returning something to Target so we were doing both things and did not get the right exit or turn or something.  So Russ was looking for a place where our big rig and car could circle around.  He found it, Mc Donalds and just turned in in front of a moving lane of traffic.  I am watching the lane of traffic coming straight toward us and and realizing that the closest black truck is not seeing us make our mistake in time to brake enough.   So, whiz, bang.  The old guy about Russ’s age brakes and pulls to the left, snags our bumper over the tire,  grinds to the end.

Missing something??

Well the other guy is pretty shook.  I go into school teacher mode, out into the street pick up pieces of our vehicle, round traffic around and help the guy.  Connecticut State Police arrive and move him off the road too.  I told them we were at fault and Russ made phone calls and got all the information for the man-George Singer.  We were together for 1 and 1/2 hours chitchatting and like I said both of us have plenty of repairs but we could drive away ok. He even said it was nice to meet us.

Already heard from the insurance people and we have to drive into Hartford Monday on the way to NYC.  Russ is pretty wiped out.  It definitely shook him up that he had not even seen the traffic. As they say, getting old is not for sissies.And he better not complain again when I backseat drive.

Comments on: "Wreck in our RV, Today" (14)

  1. Murray and Sharon Lawton said:

    What a shame, glad to hear no one was turt and alls still workable on your motor home. How quickly things happen and am sure you both need to take some deep breaths and just be thankful that you can carry on with your adventure.
    Take care

  2. Gail Sangenitto said:

    I’m so glad that you and Russ and the other driver are all OK. I’ll keep you in my prayers as you keep travelling. My computer has been on the blink since Jan. (when I got hacked), so I know you keep mentioning Shadow, but not your other dog. Is she in “doggie heaven”? I’ll pray for her also. I can’t believe you’re going to NYC… but there’s so much that you’re doing that I can’t believe. I’m travelling with you vicariously, and absolutely loving all the interesting pictures. Thank you, Kristi!!!

  3. Jean Reynolds said:

    Hi, Kristi,

    I’m glad you and Russ are okay (and George Singer, too!)

    I enjoyed seeing your “Mystic Pizza” – it looked delicious! I always loved that movie.

    Norm and I just returned from more than three weeks in The Netherlands. We toured on bikes for 2 weeks. The bike travel really keeps me grounded in the present moment, and I remember more of the things I see and do. We met some kind, funny and interesting folks and learned lots about the history and geography of Holland.

    Take care!

    Love, Jean

  4. Cynthia Myers said:

    Thank God this was just another blog from your trip. So glad you are both okey. The rig can be repaired. Love you, babe

    • Thanks Cyn. I texted my sister Karole, and her response was just like yours. Love you K Sincerely, Kristi J. Johnson


  5. Barbara Haley said:

    Am so glad you and the other person are ok. It’s really rough going in strange areas and especially with the car attached. Am sorry you aren’t staying around New England or upstate New York til the foliage show gets in full swing.


    • Thanks Barbara! we might get back up here again and stay in Maine for fall. Sincerely, Kristi J. Johnson


  6. mike & jane carnall said:

    Glad it was minor. Don’t let it bother you too much. The indiscretions of youth are more dangerous than the limitations of age.

    Carry on!
    Mike & Jane

    • Thanks guys. Russ is worried about his driving now. I just said, hey no left turns across traffic unless we are both involved. We are so lucky no one was hurt and this is a wake up reminder.

  7. Glad to see everything okay and no one physically hurt. Love seeing places with your pictures. Drive safely and be well/

    • Thanks for the note. Today we got to NYC. So tomorrow going in from Jersey side. Can see the Statue of Liberty here. Sincerely, Kristi J. Johnson


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