Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

OMG!  There are trains and there are Double Decker Buses and there is the Subway.  But mostly there is walking a lot between them.  NYC was not so easy and the Double Decker Bus was really important. Russ’s foot that had surgery is having some problems and the other foot has been hurting for years.  Add to that the walking on cement and the distances, we did feel pushed.  Then we would catch the PATH back to New Jersey and that would be another 1/2 mile.  We did it, but I cannot deny that being able to afford certain things would have made it easier.

I loved our views from Jersey City and gradually discovered the neighborhood we were a part of-but I needed more time and frankly $75 a night and all the other expenses wore me out a bit.  So all of you who can keep up be glad your body works well and or that your age is on your side.  I keep thinking of  my friends Fran Smith and Jean Reynolds enduring stuff  to be in the Phillipines to observe voting.  Then Jean and Norm biking the Netherlands.  Wish I had treated my body better when I was young.

Ok we made it to floor 86 of the Empire State.  We walked up 6 of the floors because too many people and too few elevators.  There’s a photo that looks over the river to a tall building on the Jersey side.  We were parked there.

Joe Montana on the bus beside me, made me laugh.  We had just met a couple in the RV camp from Boise Idaho-They asked if we were 49er fans and said their nephew is Alex Smith and they were going to Sunday’s game.  Some of you may have noticed we slaughtered the Jets on Sunday!

Comments on: "Getting Around NYC was Easy When I Could Walk It at 21 in 1969" (1)

  1. Mildred Dornan said:

    You don’t ever want to go to India!! Ha! Mid


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