Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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I may not have been in Maine for fall but Virginia is doing a pretty good job. Crisp nites and mornings, leaves in vivid colors right next to tons of greenery and flowering plants.  Blue skys and the air like gold.  Wonderful.

We have been here in Williamsburg for one whole week and have booked ourselves for another.  Some of you have been here, I know.  Let me inform you that it just gets better and better. They keep improving it.

The photos in the slide show come from 2 different days that we visited Historical Williamsburg.  Besides watching wonderful reenactments on the site, with costume, horses (manure) shops, we listened to 3 incredible speakers-George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Pamphlet.  Each spoke from being real in their time and did not miss a beat when questioned.  It was so cool and it felt so real.  The actors are unbelievably trained and you get their message from certain times of their lives and the America’s-George Washington was in the days after Declaration while he and others were trying to get Americans to stop trading with England to end the taxes making laws without the people’s involvement.  It filled in all the questions I have had and brought together so much-so I am now reading Washington A Life which is a great biography.

For anyone wanting information read Wikipedia info below

Colonial Williamsburg is a living-history museum and private foundation representing the historic district of the city of Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. The 301-acre (122 ha) Historic Area includes buildings dating from 1699 to 1780 which made colonial Virginia’s capital, as well as Colonial Revival and more recent reconstructions.

Early in the 20th century, the restoration and re-creation of Colonial Williamsburg, one of the largest such projects in the nation, was championed by W. A. R. Goodwin and the patriarch of the Rockefeller familyJohn D. Rockefeller, Jr., along with his wife, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, to celebrate the patriots and the early history of the United States. Today it is a major tourist attraction for the Williamsburg area, and is part of the Historic Triangle of Virginia area, which includes Jamestown and Yorktown, linked by the Colonial Parkway. The site has been used for conferences by world leaders and heads of state, including U.S. Presidents. In 1983, the United States hosted the first World Economic Conference at Colonial Williamsburg. The Historic area is located immediately east of The College of William & Mary.

The motto of Colonial Williamsburg is “The future may learn from the past”. The Historic Area is an interpretation of a Colonial American city, with exhibits including dozens of authentic or re-created colonial houses and relating to American Revolutionary Warhistory. Prominent buildings include the Raleigh Tavern, the CapitolThe Governor’s Palace (all reconstructed), and Bruton Parish Church (original). Rather than an effort to preserve antiquity, the combination of restoration and re-creation of the entire colonial town attempts to re-create the atmosphere and the ideals of 18th-century American people and revolutionary leaders. Interpreters work and dress as they did in the era, using colonial grammar and diction (although not colonial accents).[3]

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