Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Well it seems there are several approaches and stories about Jamestown.  The most important thing is that everyone thought that the first settlement itself was lost and now the Rediscovery group is not only excavating it, but has a museum with all they have dug up, open sites with excavation occurring, walls and buildings going up where they once existed and fences where they framed the community, graves have been found and people identified.  It is so fascinating!  History being proved and wow I was there seeing it all. Jamestown Living History Museum is in the pictures of this post.  They have recreated so much and I really enjoyed their indoor museum as well. But you will see photo’s of a lovely woman, Sharon Indian who was making rope from grasses and weaving bowls and baskets.  She is actually Seneca Indian from New York but works the site we visited and was so funny with stories-has a granddaughter who is loving learning the old ways and history, too.  She’s the one who told Russ and I that the Powhatans canoes were  from trees 70 feet in diameter and 40 natives traveled in them.  A very cute 2nd grader learned how to make rope from Sharon and then on this replica ships she learned how to tie a figure 8 knot.  She came running up to show me! Also I love that quinoa was one of the foods of this area, that it grew wild and still does I guess.

Looks like the photos are messed up.  But I will still send this and add a bit more.  I was under the idea that the native American Powhatans all died- most did but to this day there are about 1000 living on two reservations.  Another bit of interest is that only one woman and child arrived on the first ship and that just a couple more came on the second. However, it seems that the Virginia Company of London still hoping to make profits, sent a ship of women next.  Also they sent the Dutch on another trip.  Unlike Spain, this settlement did not come up with gold etc.  But we do have the beginning of America.  Also, I love that in each of the museums we see the story of the native Americans, the Africans and how far back humans were on this land.  History has changed since I studied it. Nothing stays the same not even history, we just keep finding out more.

Again, the colors keep changing and the air is just rich with scent of blooming things and the dusty crackle of the fallen leaves.  The combination is quite intoxicating.  I have never really lived in forests before.  It boggles my mind.  Oh among the pictures is the bread pudding recipe in one of the reenactment cafe’s.  I took the picture cause Russ wants to make it.  We’ll see!

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