Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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I have inserted a map of the site that was the first Jamestown.  The river has torn away 300 feet of bank and you can see that part of the fort wall is in the river now.  One of the plantation people rescued the spot by putting concrete in the river against the land, but a lot more will have to be done and with the huge storm coming up the coast my first thought is what will happen there on the bank.   I left the camera in the RV the day we went to the see the museum of artifacts and to see the archeologists.  But the web sites had some great pictures I have used here.  You will see the beginnings of a building that is believed to have housed the first people.  The church was rebuilt three times in the 1600’s and more recently. You know of course, that Pocahontas did not marry  John Smith, but a later planter and went to England with him and their child and met  Queen Ann.  She grew sick and died before sailing from England but her son Thomas grew up and many Virginians descend from him.

So much for the history lesson-but when you meet the archeologists you get so excited that they have found so much and how many questions are answered.  These days in this gorgeous air and colors has been some of our best.  We are concerned about the coming storms and are watching news and talking to other RVers about what they plan to do.  So strange-I got some ideas from the Arkansas couple on one side of us who thought if we just went west to Charlottesville  near Monticello we would be in less weather.  Then I took Shadow for a walk and met the people on the other side of us.  Can you believe they are from Walnut Creek??????!!!!!!!

They are planning not to wait, but leave tomorrow and move slowly south into North Carolina, go down to Raleigh and so on- staying at Walmarts and move into South Carolina.  When the storm passes we could decide whether to get to the campsite Nov. 1st near Charleston.You know the land near the shorelines could be damaged.  He invited Russ and I over in the morning to look at what he knows of the possible path of the storm.  It is so up in the air, but I love that I am surrounded by people who have good ideas, and that California neighbors are traveling with us. I am blessed as usual.

Oh yes, one more thing we are sitting in the RV watching beautiful San Francisco from the Giants Stadium and pretty excited about the Giants winning the first.  Hope tonight goes as well.

Comments on: "Excavation of true Jamestown site" (2)

  1. Nancy Thornton said:

    I just read about the “frankenstorm” that is due to hit this weekend. THe weather agency says that it is a combimation of hurricane Sandy, an arctic blast and the storm that hit here this week. PLEASE get inland to somewhere as safe as possible!

    I have a wonderful book all about Jamestown. I’ve been very interested in it and am thrilled to read your blog. HOW ‘BOUT THOSE GIANTS! Love ya, N

    BE SAFE!!! On Fri, 26 Oct 2012 00:23:50 +0000

    • Thanks Nancy, we left Williamsburg this AM to go south and west. We are traveling with two other couples, one from Michigan and 1 from Walnut Creek. We are going to travel slowly down central North Carolina and stay North of Raleigh tonight at a Walmart. The rains should hit tomorrow through Sunday. We may dry camp a couple of nights at Walmarts. The storm is supposed to be 400 miles wide and we do not know exactly where it comes in at. We figure we will be in rain and wind but not as bad as on the coast. We know Charleston and Mt. Pleasant might get hit hard so we are staying inland South Carolina too until it passes and we call to see if our camp spot is ok after the storm or not. We decided to drive down in a caravan today and go out to eat together-not Walmarts, and try and make the journey a more fun adventure.

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