Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Hurricane Sandy sort of put a new adventure in the adventure.  We learned about it, ignored it for a day and a half, then asked questions.  Then I took Shadow for her evening walk and met Dutch who was parked beside us.  Turned out he was from Walnut Creek, CA.  He said that he and his wife “Sandy” were leaving American Heritage campground and going south and a bit west and would probably stay in Walmart parking lots, until they could figure out what to do next.  “Would we be interested in caravanning with them?”

I told Russ and said that I had told Dutch we would visit in the morning.  Russ wondered if i really wanted to caravan with someone.  I replied that God always puts notes on my pillow for me to pay attention to his help.  After all we had been parked for 5 days next to two people from Walnut Creek and had not met them until the storm came up.  Besides it would be nice to have someone on the same journey for support.

Well that next morning not only did I go out to talk with Dutch, but Dan from Michigan had already approached him and the next thing I knew three couples were discussing what to do.  Well an hour later we pulled out and headed for North Carolina-Henderson was about 3 hours away, would be inland and south and if it were necessary to go further south inland, we would be prepared to do so.  Well by the end of the day we were parked in Walmart and partying in Don and Dar’s motor home (we drank water of course).  Great evening laughing, sharing ideas, and telling stories on our partners, sharing the funny ways we cannot communicate directions on the road.

Today we got up, did some computer work and found a place in Raleigh’s state fairground RV campground that is really nice.  The winds have just been gusts, and we expect tomorrow to be lots of rain.  By Monday we think the storm will be north and we may all head to Myrtle Beach.  Learned so much from Sandy and Dar. Also we all felt the good Lord had brought us together to “weather the storm” and have some fun.  Thanks to God for such a great idea.

Intermittently we are listening the the Weather Channel- and know that we still do not really know how Sandy will hit us.  But it is unlikely to do too much damage here.

We went out for dinner tonight to a Bistro, 6 large screens of sports, so we Giant’s fans and Detroit fans watched the first three innings of the game.  We are back in our RV’s and Russ and I are still watching the 8th inning and hope for a win for SF Giants.

Appreciate your prayers.

Comments on: "Hurricane Sandy brings new friendships and caravanning partnerships" (6)

  1. Billy Hayes said:

    You know when your in North Carolina your in God’s country.

    Love Billy


  2. Cynthia Myers said:

    You always make a disaster ‘ just another fantastic adventure!! ‘. We’ve been to Henderson a couple of times.

    • Cyn, I really must find a time to call and visit with you. So much is happening on this planet and I need you to share what you know. I know that this transition has not made me sick. I also know that I am learning to live in the present. Sort of. I know that one job I have is to share with people without being political. I know that All I can do is send out love. Of course this recent few days of traveling with people has shown me that all the husbands and wives have the same stresses as we do-traveling together is work. But I really miss hearing the WOL discuss and share and learn. We have decided to follow one couple from Michigan to Myrtle Beach. The people over there are saying that they are going to be fine. We will check in the morning. Then we are off to Charleston area and we are very excited about that. Tonight will be rains and wind, but we don’t think it will be difficult for us. It will get pretty cool. Love you bunches.



      • Cynthia Myers said:

        Ohhh, we loved Charlestown!!!!!!! Have fun
        Hard to summarize what is going on. Pluto and Uranus are doing a good sweep of the things that aren’t working. Tomorrow is the full moon , the 11:11 gateway on Nov 11 is big and then the eclipse on the 13th is bringing tremendous energy. All leading us to 12:12.
        Just keep doing what you’re doing…it is all perfect. What fun to live in such exciting times! ( the old Chinese curse!)
        WofL is dwindling but lots of fun.

  3. Murray and Sharon Lawton said:

    Hi my friend
    We have been thinking of you guys and wondering how you faired the storm.
    Hope this finds you all safe.
    Murray and Sharon
    Your Niagra Falls tour companions from Canada

    • So pleased to hear from people. We are praying for everyone in the difficult recovery. I do Red Cross also. We have been so lucky and love our new camp spot in Myrtle Beach with the other two escapees.

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