Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Pretty Cold in Charleston SC

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Yesterday in Charleston was cold and overcast  with a bit of sun.  Last night Russ and I cuddled all night.  (TMI?) Today we went back into the city and enjoyed being in warmer sunshine.  We walked South on King Street enjoying the old buildings with modern business in them-ie Chico’s.  Our idea was to catch a Trolley and we thought go sight seeing.  Well it turns out that the trolly acts more like a bus in the main historical districts, people get on and off and there is no lovely voice telling you what you are seeing.  Now when you add to that-that I ran to catch the trolley that Russ was trying to hold for me (that’s improvement!) and as a result crunched the knees and am sitting here in the RV with iced knees-OMG!

Charleston really is a lovely city and we are just plain enjoying  being here.  We are waiting on motorhome parts and insurance getting it together to order parts and fix the RV

Anyone got a good book that I should read?   I am searching for something really good.

Forgot to comment on the photos.  I want to buy the orange house on Broad Street.  I love all the houses that keep gas lights going outside.  Also, you can really imagine the city over one hundred years ago.  The narrow streets make San Francisco’s look wide.

Mt. Pleasant KOA, closest to Charleston SC

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I love staying in an upscale place without hurry to leave.  I love it so much that I have done laundry, taken pictures at the lake on our KOA site, ridden my bike, placed some catch up calls, bought books to read on the Nook, found a swimming pool, a Whole Foods, and Camping World.  In fact the biggie is Camping World, who will order the RV parts damaged in the Wreck in Connecticut.  We drove over huge long bridges that not only cross rivers, but the low lands water along them.  In the camper we really could see a lot of this unusual area.  It’s pretty cool. I just haven’t gone site seeing yet in Charleston.

The photos cover the funky spot we will move to on the 21st.  Can’t stay here as campgrounds in the South fill up on weekends and especially holidays.  Anyway notice the cross on the left side of the office of our next campsite.  The photos with me and computer are from the deck here at KOA where I sat while I did 6 loads of laundry.  We are on a pond and park as well as the KOA.  It’s really pretty here.

I found a pool to do aerobic evercise near here for the next two weeks.  It has gotten really brisk here.  Shadow loves chasing the squirrels-they are everywhere. The temp is supposedly 56 degrees.  i think 45.  Guess it is a damper cold than we get in the west.

House of Blues Myrtle Beach Style

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We could not get tickets to House of Blues concerts but Thursday night dinner was 2 for $22.  We had prime rib and shrimp pasta.  Sandy of the new friends was sick so our Michigan travelers went with us.  Those of my readers from Point Richmond will enjoy the fact that Don in the pictures here is a long time small theatre actor like some of you there in Richmond.  He was absolutely fun and funny.  Darlene is sharp as can be and all our time with them was spectacular and easy.

Halloween was a celebration at a lovely clubhouse where we were staying.  In one of the blogs I have a photo of a little halloween dressed up dog, who was wheeled around by a couple who handed out doggy treats to those of us with.

In the 80’s Russ and I went to New Orleans with the Wrights, Jeff McCreary and other good El Dorado colleagues.  We loved House of Blues and Russ wore his House of Blues jacket for years.  Sadly they did not sell jackets now.  But I have a great shirt for my newest grand nephew.   It was cool there but when we left for Charleston, just two hours south, we arrived in warmer weather and certainly are enjoying this KOA.  We will stay here through the 21st and then they are full for Thanksgiving.  Russ says that someone will cancel, cause we are going to be here for awhile as the parts will have to be ordered  for the RV and then put in.  So we are double booked after that to be sure we have a place.

Drove into the historical Charleston yesterday and went to a Welcome Center and got all kinds of Ideas from a very nice young man.  So we plan to slow down, enjoy, get my hair done! and generally live with southern accents and all that goes with it.  Saw my first trees with moss hanging and was visiting on the phone with Dad at that time-“Dad I really am in the South”.

Miss all my friends and family a lot.  Think of you one by one all the time.

Vote and help New Jersey, New York, etc.  Bless you each and every one.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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Just some photos of our walk on the beach with Shadow.  Yes, she still is with us.  Her growth on her side is huge.  But she does not seem to be in pain.  She also is 13 and can only walk so far, but that works for Russ and I just walk a bit further on.

We had acorns dropping on the roof of the RV all 4 nites here and Shadow thinks someone is shooting at her.  We had to keep her drugged-

Evenings with our storm buddies was always enjoyable.

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