Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Russ and I are in Fort Myers, Florida on the Gulf Coast.  Did you know that they call this the west coast and the Atlantic side the east coast.  So when I was exercising and visiting with all the ladies in the pool, and said we were from the West Coast, they looked at me very funny.  Am getting the lingo.

My 65th birthday, brought in lots of family phone calls-the coolest thing was the first three were my in-laws, Russ’s sister, Todd my brother in law, Rita my sister in law.  Then Kassi and the cutest was from my Dad.  Dad called me and said Happy Anniversary.  I reminded him it was my birthday-and he said well “someone” had told him to call me.  Poor Dad-no short term memory now.  But it was a really sweet phone call even if he does not remember it.

At any rate we saved my birthday lunch for Naples, such a cute and expensive place, kind of like Sausalito.  Dolfins were leaping off the pier and I could not get a photo-they were too fast and would not pose.

The pool at this site is great and a whole bunch work out-so I have joined them, nice people!  They all come down from Ohio, Ontario, Quebec, New York and New Jersey, Tennessee, and so on.  Usually they repeat and stay one to 3 months to be out of the winters.  Many of them have formed friendships with the people who return like they do.

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Comments on: "Birthday lunch, Aqua, in Naples" (4)

  1. Jan Mac Donell said:

    You two look mighty happy back there in the warm setting. Be safe and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



  2. Jennifer Chiarelli said:

    Beautiful pictures! Lucky you and Russ! Happy Birthday Kristi! You do not look a day older than 29. Love to the two of you and safe travels!



  3. You two are lookin’ fine! Look forward to seeing you.

  4. Nancy Thornton said:

    What a great birthday! Your lunch looks so yummy. Your 65th should be a special occasion and it looks like it was. Sorry I didn’t get a card sent. I meant too, but as usual, just thinking about something doesn’t make it happen! So—-HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Valentines Day Love ya and thanks so much for the cute e-card.

    Love ya,

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