Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

The Academy Awards are on the TV.  I love to watch them, but it is also a good time to do a little work.  So many wonderful movies to see.  Le Mis is doing ok so far.  Looks like the James Bond tribute is starting!.  I snuck all the  James Bond books out of my dad’s bedside table back in the 60’s.  This is where I learned about sex.  Dad did not know that until 10 years ago.

This has been a remarkable place to camp-everyone is a fisherman, we are right on an island, Chocoloskee, south of  Marcos Island-part of the 10,000 Islands.  The sunsets are the best, guys are fishing from kayaks  and off the docks here.  People gather nightly under a pergola and drink and laugh together.  Many of them have been coming here for their winters for several years.  Sharks are caught right out in front of us, alligators are right beside the highway into Naples.   It is 80 degrees or better and the humidity is so thick that the floors feel wet each morning.  I can not hold on to the fact that it is winter everywhere else, I actually find myself confused about the time of year, being in shorts and tank tops.

So Russ tweaked his back and it just got worse, my foot still has not healed, and Shadow tore a toenail.  Yet, in 24 hours, the man parked next to us is a podiatrist from the Netherlands and gave me some ideas about my foot, the couple I visited with on the docks that evening, are from Louisiana and often come to the area due to a chiropractor in Naples and Russ is improving under this group, Shadow was in terrible pain and we had to find one of those weekend emergency pet clinics.  Now, in case I did not mention it, we are really out here in the wild lands.  Naples and civilization are an hour away and Miami is 3.  So I have been driving and taking care of my husband and pet and I  still can not walk without the wooden shoe. But people show up and we get to the best help so one just keeps being thankful and enjoying the beauty of the life.

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Comments on: "Chocoloskee and the Everglades (Russ and Shadow go to the Doctors)" (2)

  1. Nancy Thornton said:

    I’m glad the weather is at least nice and you are in an interesting place! Maybe if you and Russ & Shadow all have your “owies” at the same time you will be injury free for the rest of your journey! I know how long it takes for a foot injury to heal! Don’t push too hard because you don’t want to reinjure your foot.

    I had a really fun Oscar party on Sunday. About 10 of us. Great food. Fun games and prizes! I thought this years show was better then the last few years. Really like Seth MacFarland.

    Our weather has been so beautiful. Played golf yesterday. Today everything seems to be in bloom, so I’ll have to have an indoor day. Get well, all of you!

    Love ya, N

    On Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:03:20 +0000

    • Loved your note and so glad you, like me loved Seth MacFarland!. What’s wrong with all the complainers-offending women-what the? We are among the original feminists and it was funny and different and very entertaining. Love ya!

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