Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

What do you expect to see in the everglades?  Any mental picture I had was inaccurate to say the least. Where we actually are- is 10,000 lakes with all the mangroves.  Florida is so flat, so swampy-marshy.

 We took one boat ride and enjoyed sexy porpoises.  A three-some swam and had sex around our boat for about 20 minutes.  The wind blew and the water was choppy.  Generally the day was grey and I could not get great pictures.  However, Chuck the naturalist, did a great job of explaining the flora and fauna.  Given a nature walk we took the day before, we really had some information.  

The other part is my nightly walks with Shadow-no towns near-by, dark sky full of crystal clear stars.  No highways sounds, just some of the bugs  chirping. Of course quiet nights come because most of the people who stay here fish, fish, fish.  So they are up in the AM getting their boats launched etc.  Yet I still sleep in to 8 or 8:30.  Yeah!!!

Shadow also has a great story in all this.  When we drove through the Big Cypress Loop, we could see gators and and incredible birds.  Eventually Shadow had to go to the bathroom.  When we stopped, I asked Russ to leash her and have her go in the middle of the road.  Russ ignored that and let her out.  When I heard him call her to come back I opened my door on the passenger side and was face to face with a gator out of the water.  I’m calling to  Russ to get Shadow in the car, but still trying to get a photo of the gator.  We all survived, and a new friend where we are camped explained that the gators along this loop are used to people throwing food to them.  So when someone stops they will sometimes come out of the water and check out the possibilities.!  Shadow was almost the treat!

Double click the first picture and you can go through the slide show.  Watch for baby eagle in next.  We saw the parent fly off too.

Comments on: "Alligators and Porpoises, Everglades have it all." (2)

  1. Irv Steele said:

    Nice pictures if the old man in the straw hat with the beard wasn”t in it????


  2. norma Shoemaker said:

    Yes, it is a birders paradise. WE went over a pass that was labeled at 3 feet. Also, lots of very big misquotes.Maybe it is to early for mosquitoes. Did you get an email about Sycamore by the bay. A 62+ communityin Hercules. It is 2 miles from the new Kaiser in Pinole. Really beautiful. Go on line and look. I have calledManor in walnut creek but they have not responded. It sounds really good on line and I know slightly a womanwho lives there. again go on line. Other wise I have been busy teaching and trying to help my sis.How is the selling of the house going? Lots to talk about in choosing what to do after this – yours or my home.Hug to you both. Norma Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 03:58:11 +0000 To: nj-shoemaker@hotmail.com

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