Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Mary and Easter

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On Easter Sunday we drove up to Tallahassee and parked in Big Oak RV. The motor home photos are during my two hours with Mary on Easter morning.  I put out to the Universe that I wanted an Easter event, then Mary called and we created our own.  Out first hour was all exchanges of the spiritual journey we are on.  She is one of the people I have shared many important steps with.  Our belief systems weave in and out and have supported each other for many years.  We loved the Easter Story in a way we never have before.  I always was so concerned that if I cared about it or talked about it, people would think I was a Christian who believed that only through Christ could we know God.  Well obviously that is not my story.  But as I age, learn, grow, I appreciate this story so much.  Painful death, rolling away of the Stone, Christ raising from the dead.  What a story-whether we see it as a metaphor for our lives or more, it is very exciting.  I was just saying to someone recently-  what’s with all these beliefs that some Christians have that judge people and decide who is good or who is bad and who can marry in the church or not.  Why not just follow Jesus’ saying “The Greatest of These is Love”.  I may fail often, but my intention every day is to treat every one with Love and back off the judgements.  Of course Russ is a challenge!

At any rate we arrived to Perdido Cove to the prettiest spot we have stayed in.  Gulf Inland waterway outside my door and just a short bike ride to the Gulf and the prettiest sand you have ever seen.

Called my sister’s vet in Idaho to talk with her about our dear Shadow.  We are seeing some changes and wanted to know what to look for and how to know when to make a decision.  We have enjoyed her so much without Izzy.  She is the best girl and she certainly earned her right to be the only child.  Izzy was beautiful and we loved her, but she was so stubborn and bossy and hard on Shadow.  So we 3 have really enjoyed each other.

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