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How Do You know What to Do in Nashville? Take the trolley ride.

In most towns or cities, we take the trolley ride first day.  Usually they are hop on and hop off.  But often we just take the whole ride and get a feel for the city and what there is we might want to see and do.  Nashville is not a big downtown.  It has contrasts.  Broadway and the old Honkey Town is just a few blocks with Broadway being the main road where the bars with live country music pull you in off the streets.  Apparently the later in the day bands are the most well known and on their way to making it.  But wow the music is pretty darn good all day long.  The bands just get tips, but they build up their creds and people drink, laugh, dance and sing along.

Behind the old buildings and streets high rises like the AT & T reflect the clouds.  The AT % T is the coolest building ever.  It is supposed to look like a cell phone but everyone just calls it Batman.

The Churches and the Capitol building are all in the area and Nashville has a new Convention Center and Music Museum that is so beautiful and big, it does not seem to fit in downtown.  I would have to be in a helicopter to get views of it.  But I tried.  Then the old industrial streets lend themselves to repurposing.  The Marathon Auto Works buildings have one of the most famous antique shops in America.  Now if you do not watch on the History Channel  “American Pickers” you might want to check it out.  Their shop which has been shot for shows, is spectacular.  Russ said, it is full of stuff that was laying around in my old gas stations!

And then the capitol itself looks down on a gorgeous park and has statues of 3 American Presidents from Tennesee!  Polk, Andrew Johnson and Jackson.  Polk is buried under his memorial.

Finally, there are so many ways to enjoy country –  Johnny Cash museum is new and really interesting with head sets to listen to his music.  Then the cowboy boot, hat and clothes store about wore me out.  Russ was trying on everything.

















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