Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Let me remind you-double click title line to get on to actual blog when you cannot get the photos up.

Last weekend was a Holiday and our lovely camping spot at Outlander RV near Luray, VG was full of families getting away for the weekend.  Really nice people to visit with.  Gary and Hilary next to us have traveled across the States 4 times-he is in the Navy (?) at Alexandria, VA.  She is a social worker and is from Kentucky and told us where to stay and what to see in Louisville including touring the horse barns at Churchill Downs.  He was at Monterey for some years.

Then the weekend comes to an end and Memorial Day everyone left except two couples.  So I went over to them, old Air Force buddies and wives.  Lots of good stories to share.  Both men had been at Mountain Home, Idaho air base.  That was one of the towns we played basketball against when I was in high school.  Talked about Beale outside of Marysville, CA where I lived as well.  Then one couple and I exchanged stories of meeting our partners.  She was divorced and ended up with her old boyfriend from when she was 12 and that was it-they are together now.  The other couple are both military! Nice people.

And then they left and here we are-with gorgeous nite skies and almost no lighting.  We are on farm land. The grasses and weeds and wildflowers grown high in certain parts, with mowed areas for runners and graveled areas for walkers and bikers.

Vehicle repairs took us the little town of Stanley, and then we finally -after 5 days here, made it to the actual town of Luray.  Another incredibly sweet spot in the Shenandoah Valley.  It is actually just up the hill, hidden, 5 miles away from us.  I bet if we had not gone to a garage for repairs we would never have seen it.  It was the first really hot day here in these mountains and we could not leave Shadow in the car-so I allowed Russ to do the laundry in air conditioning-and I found a park on the river with ducks and kids and people having their lunch break.  Shadow and I walked the path to Main Street and checked out the shops.  These little towns are very interesting.  They manage to keep businesses in the old buildings and even the battered ones draw you in.  Homes are smallish-old and 50’s 60’s old.  People do not appear to have wealth in these small towns.  The shops are not open every day except maybe in the heart of summer and we are just early for that.  I have such wonderful conversations with strangers!

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