Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Ok, it is true, this is my fourth blog today, but the three before were done at Starbucks in Target here in Front Royal.  Now I have moved to the other Starbucks in town, just across the highway.  This is the one I was sent to find, but the Universe took me to Target to meet another person that wanted to share something with me.  Now I am in a traditional Starbucks that can sell me the instant coffee we use on the mornings we are packing up and moving on.  It is cheaper in the grocery stores but you never know who will have it.

Yesterday’s pictures are from the Heritage Museum town of Dayton.  They have a huge genealogy Library, and given that this area was settled by German and Scotch-Irish immigrants I wish I had the time to do some research cause the Greenawalts were German and Grandma Greenawalt came from Scotch Irish people-the McLarens.  But the museum was in this tiny brick house, which actually extends out and under where you cannot see it.  Lots of culture of those early people and Folk art of the past.   Dayton, the town, is prettier than many of them.  I am not only in spring and seeing Peonies blooming, but I am hurridly taking photos cause the intense heat that hit this week is finishing them quickly.

Also in Dayton is a wonderful grist mill.  The story about it is another great one of the civil war and what happened to the people and their land and homes.  Any by the way, many of the people here are descendents and are of the Bretheren or Friends faith-most being Mennonites today.  At any rate Daniel Bowman was a Unionist and against slavery.  Many of the people in the area were either with the Confederates but many just wanted to live.  They often fed and nursed soldiers from both sides.  The men were often with local groups of like minded Confederates who did not join up with current militias but formed small groups that fought and attached in small detachments.  Many historians say, however, that basically the people of Shenandoah were southern minded and pro Confederacy.

The mill was not supposed to be burned because Sheridan ordered the Union troops to spare the mill and home of Bowman.  Then along came General Custer and said, no way!  “The Burning”  fell on everyone.

At any rate-the mill was rebuilt and is a thriving business today that personalizes dishes, glasses, plates, cups and so on.  We saw the ones from Williamsburg that we were familiar with being worked on.  Quite a structure and the Swans were the big treat.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I love the peonie.

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