Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Well Well, what can I say I blogged without meaning to. Glad you like the photos.

We have had so much fun seeing St. Louis and I have so many photos that I must do individual blogs for each of the events. First, I loved Googling ST. Louis. There were maps of the neighborhoods, then write ups about each one including restaurants. Directions were posted. Second, I had a blood vessel pop in my eye the second nite and it was so puffed up that Russ wanted me to go to an emergency room. Well the folks at St. Louis Jewish hospital were not too busy and the nurse and doctor drew maps and told us all the must sees. So we followed their advice.

The Gateway Arch was a no brainer, we were parked on the East side St. Louis, Illinois, at a Casino and were staring right at and thru the arch. Very mystical and ethereal. Could not catch that in photos. We biked into the park and went under into the the arch to the museum and caught the pod cars to the top.

Now this was no short process, lines moved slowly in steps. The walkway in to the underground was designed to look like you were on the docks in the time of Mark Twain. At one point an old scale was a boone to mothers with kids. It looked like two swings, but it did not swing, yet when another child got in, it balanced and you should have seen the looks on two year old faces. Still they tried to swing it-no go. Then we got into 5 man pods shaped like eggs, we leaned in and if you have serious claustrophobia this was not for you. You could see out the door and watch the stairs. At the top we all took photos thru the tiny windows. I got a phone call from my sister Kay while up there.

Of course the Gateway Arch is about St. Louis being the gateway to the west and everything is attributed to Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase. After the civil war St. Louis did not have bridges for the trains and had to catch up building them. For a while they lost the heavy shipping movement west but eventually reclaimed it. I like the stories of the changing eras of big cities.

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Comments on: "Gateway Arch in St Louis was full of Surprises So Was I when I Posted Without Story" (5)

  1. Cyn Myers said:

    That was no mistake. You did that as a little shout out to me. Thanks. Didn’t realize how homesick I could get!!!! Spent my youth in that very place…no arch or Busch stadium. We drove out to Sportsman Park for the Cardinals and The Browne’s games!!
    All the fantastic touring companies..New York Ballet, all the newest shows, plus our own world famous symphony! I had a fantastic childhood.
    Thanks so much for this!

  2. Janet Lawrence Hartman said:

    You were near where I was born. Southeast of St. Louis 30 or so miles from Cape Girardeau in a very small town named Bell City. I think the population on the sign said 263. Much smaller than Gooding or Fairfield. My husband is from Denver, so you are in his home town. Enjoy those beautiful Rockies!

  3. My birthplace, and a favorite city of ours. Hope you get to Little Italy up on The Hill where Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola grew up. Superb restaurants ! And Cardinals baseball is always fun.

  4. Can’t believe that I am now in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Will blog it, too. But St. Louis was such a surprise to us and we could have easily spent longer.

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