Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

When we traveled to Kansas City we had a real surprise, Missouri and Kansas are not flat until one gets close to Colorado.  Rolling land all green, very pretty.  We drove to Cabelas in KC and met my cousin Cindy who led us over hill and dale to their home in the country.  They took an old country home and went crazy turning it closer and closer into their dream home.  Just like me in my house in Martinez, they still can’t see it as done.  But to us they have an incredible place and it has all kinds of surprises.  Kal has hooked up watering systems that get water from the well and he has propane gas on his land which he uses too.  I can’t describe how smart he is and how creative.  That does not even say enough about his eye for landscaping.  I am having a terrible time uploading my photos here in Fort Collins, CO, but he has used antique farm equipment in the front landscapes.

Russ and I feel so blessed to stay on their farm in the RV-me using their beautiful guest room as heat and humidity demanded.  I immediately named it Cindy’s Spa.  The guest bathroom is not only pretty but functional with the best shower ever.  Cindy and Kal eat huge vegetarian salads and dishes much like us, though they do enjoy some meat.  We shared ideas back and forth and the two of us had at it in the kitchen putting together meals for our selves and lovely guests invited to meet us.  What fun!

My cousin Cindy is one smart shopper too.  She taught me a few things and she had her hair dresser scheduled for me and then for Russ too.  I have got to get a picture of the new Russ and post it.  At any rate Cindy and I have seen each other at family events and even at the Pt. Richmond Condo, but this time we really became lifetime friends.  I am so fortunate and Russ can’t stop talking about how much fun we had.  My jaw still hurts from talking and laughing.



Love Raleigh

Love Raleigh

From lower rock garden to back of house

From lower rock garden to back of house


Newest rock garden I believe

Newest rock garden I believe

All layers of back deck

All layers of back deck

Property is about 7 acres.

Property is about 7 acres.

From upper deck of Kerns' house to lower decks

From upper deck of Kerns’ house to lower decks


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