Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Yes, Family and friends, I am finally in Idaho Falls! The potatoes are growing and are at the flowering stage, just beautiful. Wheat and alfalfa are all green and look like waves in the song. It is a gorgeous time of the year, but it has been in the high 90’s until today it is finally cooling down a bit. Also we are in the car and the ride to Sun Valley to see the rest of the family is moving us higher and higher and with that a bit cooler-74 degrees.


My Dad looks good for 88 and is calmer than I have seen him in the past. We see him every day-take him stuff, redress him in new clothes, dine with him and take him to Starbucks for a sandwich. He usually forgets what we have done within the hour. No short term memory. He did enjoy our drive up to Rexburg to see Todd’s (my brother in law) parents, Luella and Allan Mink. They live on a country property in a small and charming house. Lou’s mother passed and she would like to get back to Magic Valley where all the grandkids are. Todd’s dad is like an old mountain man-used to hunt in the wilderness areas and passed that on to Todd and my nephew Brandon.


Oh, point of interest. Instead of turning toward Sun Valley where we are driving-I was determined to follow the signs to Mackay. Russ told me it was the wrong way, my brother tried to correct me on the phone, but I kept ignoring them. Well we got there when I finally realized what I was doing-going to the area we will camp with Karole and Ken next weekend. Instead of feeling stupid I feel great-you know how I tell everyone that God is running this journey? Well, my sister wants us to buy a Razor ( modern ATV with power steering). It is $11,000 and she said we could sell it at end of summer and get back $10,000. Well we are not comfortable with that but she says we will not get to go on the 40 mile trail following the continental divide (next weekend). So would you believe in Mackay we saw a Polaris (similar) for rent. We called the owner and they will rent it to us for next weekend for a lot less than $11,000.


Did anyone notice Russ’s new haircut and beard??

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Comments on: "Southern Idaho in the Summer-hot, sprinklers going on the farms and Snake River Campground" (5)


    Kristi- I have so enjoyed your blogs…it’s been a virtual trip for me! Loved seeing the picture of your dad too. I miss Earl and Betty! I met Kay’s Cassie on the 4th of July…what a sweetheart! Thanks again for sharing your journey. Susan Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 04:23:17 +0000 To: grammasuz@msn.com

    • Love that you met Kassi, we hope to get to Gooding this week of July 23rd or the next week. Jackie and Larry Brown have given us a home to stay in-as Kassi has no extra beds. Thanks for your note and so tickled you are seeing the blog!!. Kristi

  2. Troy Williams said:

    Hi guys,
    Welcome home to Idaho! Although we miss you terribly here in California.
    News Flash!!
    Parker is getting married Aug 10 in the Oakland Temple to a wonderful girl, Ashley Ludwig. We want to send you an invite but we need an address. Sure would love to see you both sometime soon. Any visits to California in your plans?
    We are all well and moving forward in life. Sure have loved following your travel blog! Take care and write back soon! Love you guys, Troy & Heather

    • So excited. Will be staying in Idaho awhile so send wedding invitation c/O Karole Honas, 9 S. Thompson Lane, Blackfoot, Idaho 83221
      We will get back to you all in mid or late september. Want to be around the area for the fall and so on. We will look at some options to living in our area, but are not sure we are actually ready to stop traveling. Will be sure to invite ourselves to dinner and look at all the wedding pictures. Be sure we know where the kids are listed-must be involved in the wedding gifts. Love to the girls and we think of you often. Kristi

  3. Troy Williams said:

    And yes, I did notice Russ’s haircut and beard and a little less Russ too. You look great! You both look great! Being on the road has been very good to you both.
    Can’t wait to visit with you guys soon!
    Love to you both, Troy & Heather

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