Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

What an incredible weekend high up above 8000 feet.  Above Mackay the White Knob Mountains have old mines and ghost towns and great trails for ATVs.  For those of you who want all wilderness to be only for hikers, etc. let me tell you, those of us who can no longer climb the mountains and never could have gotten deep into the wilderness, this is a heavenly way to enjoy nature.  There are so many miles of wilderness in Idaho that most Idahoans have never seen, you cannot believe it when you finally have the experiences.

My sister Karole and her husband Ken, bought a toy hauler and it can sleep at least 6 comfortably.  Ken’s brother and his wife Sue, have a cabin they maintain for some Utah family, so there is a cabin for them and the trailer for us on beautiful farmland and under trees.  Karole and I joined the guys Saturday AM as she is the news anchor for Local News 8 in Idaho Falls and worked late Friday night.

Karole and Ken bought a Polaris Razor which is so much easier to drive on the mountain trails as it is narrow and can get onto trails with narrow gates.  Also you are not sitting astride with windburns on your face.  Two seats and room to put dogs and food on the back. A friend of Karole’s loaned us his razor and we were set.

We saw incredible country and views.  Russ, not one to avoid heightening the adventure was driving when we hit a ground up slate trail up the side of same mountain.  He really did not realize how loose the “gravel” was and we stopped in time not to slide and roll down a mountain.  However, there was no way to get back onto the trail, cause the gravel just rolled away under us.  Out comes the coil of steel wires on the wench, Russ climbs up the mountain and ties us to a huge pine tree, Kenny drives and after some moments we are on the trail.  Meanwhile Sue on the 4wheeler ahead goes to the top, turns around and comes back to tell us the trail is not a good idea for us, so we have to figure how to back down.  I drive with Russ and Sue yelling directions so that I do not slide off the mountain or ride up on the other side.  Anyway Russ and I learned a lot, saw a lot and really had fun.

Weather cooler up high, but the half hour drive coming down and home at the bottom was 95 degrees of hot.

Looking for some exciting place to go-check out this website and go where very few people go.  http://www.mackayidaho.com/linked%20docs/LostRiverValleyBrochure.pdf


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