Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Well, one year and two months after helping Izzy out of her pain, we did the same for Shadow.  It was the hardest decision I have made in some time.  Shadow had the largest non cancer growth anyone has seen.  But that had not been the problem.  Little sweetie that she was, she always had stomach problems and they just got worse this summer.

The year with her without Izzy was a treasure.  She really was the best dog and never made mistakes unless she was ill.  We took her everywhere with us and she was a little trooper.

If you ever have the choice, to have a wonderful vet come to your home, so that you are sitting quietly on the floor with her, petting her and telling her how much you have loved her, I recommend it.  Russ dug the grave and we buried her together.

We miss her tremendously, and the timing was strangely fortunate.  We left the next day for our vacation in the fires of Sun Valley so we were busy with family.  Now we are back at Karole’s while the RV is being fixed up, so we are with her 3 dogs.  But always there is a pain in my heart.  In fact on the day of, I called my friend Gae in Cleveland and had her help me through it, as she was the one with her husband Brian, that took us to Petaluma to get Izzy on breeder’s terms.  Thus we had pups in our kitchen through both of our Schnauzers.  What an experience!

So much love!

Photos never did the girl’s justice.  I just wasn’t good enough to get black eyes and black faces to show their personalities, but these remind me of both dogs.

The girls on their big pillows as we began the Journey of seeing America.

The girls on their big pillows as we began the Journey of seeing America.

Shadow periodically wanted time on Russ's lap.

Shadow periodically wanted time on Russ’s lap.

Emerald Coast on the Gulf in Florida.

Emerald Coast on the Gulf in Florida.

In Tennessee we go to Ruby Mountain and Shadow loves the smells-she is pretty blind and deaf.

In Tennessee we go to Ruby Mountain and Shadow loves the smells-she is pretty blind and deaf.

Comments on: "Shadow is now buried next to Izzy in my sister’s horse Pasture" (11)

  1. Gail Sangenitto said:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Shadow. Normally I just read where you are, see the lovely pictures of you and Russ and your dog, and never think that I should leave a comment. But this time I must. My thoughts and prayers to you on the rest of your travels, and my condolences in your loss.

  2. Dear Kristi and Russ,

    My deepest condolences.  Loosing a dog is losing a member of one’s family.  I am glad you were able to be there with Shadow and have the vet come and be with you.

    My sympathies, Leanne


  3. Leslie said:

    Sorry for your loss of a loved one.
    I still miss my schmupp lots.
    In fact this week has been exceptionally hard
    for some reason.
    This is part of the richness of our life on this planet.
    To have such unconditional, endearing love and
    commitment from another being is decadent.
    We all should be so fortunate to have special
    beings in our life to bless us.
    But it sure is hard letting go of them!!!
    Isn’t it?
    When I have to let go of such a sweet relationship
    I get angry that God has taken them and I am grateful
    that they were sent to me and blessed me on their
    Blessings! 😉

  4. Linda Hinson said:

    We are so sorry you have lost your Shadow. What a wonderful dog and our hearts break for you. It is so hard to lose a pet that loves us unconditionally. We love that saying, “I only want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.” It doesn’t get any better than that. Our love to you both. Miss our conversations. Call if you get the chance! We have worried about you near the fires. love, linda & wayne

  5. Kay Mink said:

    Like losing family but you were the best parents ever, Kristi and Russ. Those dogs had an absolutely wonderful life thanks to you two. I still remember my now grown children getting the experience of seeing puppy birth when they were young. What an incredible experience for them and joy. Lv ya!K

  6. Nancy Thornton said:

    Hi, I know what a difficut decision that was, but it was best for Shadow. What a wonderful journey she had with her mother and you and Russ! I’ll never forget staying at your house while my floors were being done and you guys were out of town. All the newborn puppies were there and Brandon was nine and he came over twice a day to help me feed the puppies and clean up after them. I’ve always felt very connected to Izzy and Shadow because of that experience. Just think — you had their wonderful companionship in your travels. How lucky for all of you! Lots of hugs!

    Love ya, Nancy

    On Thu, 22 Aug 2013 16:38:25 +0000

  7. We are so sad for you both, and so glad you’re with family that can be close for you.
    Much love,
    Don & Dar

  8. Dar Wojton said:

    Hi Kristi and Russ,

    Just read about Shadow and wanted to say “we’re so sorry”. We know how much you two loved Shadow and how lonely it’ll be for quite some time. Hope you are both doing well.

    Don and I are fine. Having a very busy summer, lotsa out if state company, but we love it. In the process of redoing all the window shades and valances in our Coach and that together with Don’s part time job this summer, together with all the company has made any traveling out of the question this summer. But, we are getting geared up to leave the first of November.

    Will be spending 6-8 weeks in El Cajon (December/January) so Hopi g to see Dutch and Sandy. Where are your travels going to be taking you? Would be nice to catch up with you two some where along the way.

    Think often of our time together running from Hurricane Sandy. Good memories.

    Dar ‘n’ Don

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