Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Georgie Girl (Georgina) A Rescue Enters Our Lives

So I am watching the 49ers and Seattle getting into it following the rain storm and trying to build this blog about the new addition to our family.  No, we did not wait months after the loss of our dear Shadow.  My brother-in-law insisted we meet his friends and see the dog they had to find a home for.  I did not expect Russ to follow through, but he did and we met a lovely family, who were looking for a lifetime home for a 5 pound Yorkie, Chahuahua who had a very bad start, but has been in their family-sort of being moved around and loved by all.  While Georgina was much loved, there was just not time enough in busy lives to give her what they thought she needed.

We sat in Diane’s lovely kitchen and her daughter Bonnie, arrived with Georgina, her wardrobe, her bed and blankets and towel along with food.  We could not believe how cute this little button of a dog was, but were concerned putting her through another move.  The family said we could just see how it went for a few days, but right away “Georgie” took to the safe haven of Russ’s arms.  Just like Izzy and Shadow!  This was after we were told she did not take well to men until some time had passed.  Russ the dog whisperer!

For 24 hours we did not see her personality but just kept her with us and gradually we are getting to know her.  Today she actually played with my sister’s dogs.  She is adorable and we are enjoying the process.  Keep in mind she loves to be carried in a purse and she’s Part Chihuahua.  Both are things I said I would not want in a dog.

She has the cutest waggy tail, a bouncy walk and attracts alot of oo’s and ah h h s.  We should have a lot of fun with a young dog traveling.

We are so thankful for this opportunity and the meeting we had with a lovely family who just wanted a good home for her.

This was not the Cow Camp but Luxury built by the Brown’s and Storey’s

When Jackie and Larry married after we graduated U of I in 1970, they spent a couple of summers at a Cow Camp in the Sawtooth.  I drove my little red Ford Maverick up to them, straddling huge washes in the dirt road and climbing using my gearshift car, preparing for SF I think.  Then the bath was a cold spring creek.  So when Jackie and Larry would talk about the cabin they built, Larry would set me up about it being better than the cow camp-it had a generator!

Instead a gorgeous lodge like home with huge high windows and natural rock and wood finishes was our weekend retreat.  If you are from Idaho you know how wonderful McCall is-the Payette Lake is big and blue and beautiful.  The town is little, personal, old Idaho with some wonderful new additions such as a huge indoor ice rink.

At any rate we went site seeing and were in some of the original small towns that put on events on the big Labor Day weekend.  Car shows delighted Russ, history and ice cream was fun for all and a tour of Tamarack Ski Resort open us to some dreams for the future.. Mostly we loved the time on the deck over the river.  Thrown in was the funeral of my Aunt and so we borrowed the Brown’s car.  Also Jackie and remembered our rides from northern Idaho to our homes in Gooding- a full day or night of winding roads where we usually washed our hair after our last final, put it up in rollers and slept most of the way home.  In fact we could only remember some of the stops because after days of finals we were just plain dead on our feet.  I remember Jack Varin our wonderful friend who was our main ride!  He was so good to us.  Then I remember waking up, taking the rollers out and combing my hair somewhere around Bliss.  Those of you who knew us back in the late 60’s probably recognize some of these memories.

Remember if you click on the photos you can follow the slides and read the titles and comments.  Go to McCall, Idaho images on Google- you will be amazed.

Good Times and Sad Times with Family

My Aunt Mae just passed away and fortunately Russ and I got a call from my cousin Diana, that we should come visit in Boise.  So we did and had a wonderful visit with dad’s brother, Uncle Harold, and his wife Mae.  She really wanted to put on a good show, had Diana fix her hair, and even asked for a scotch.  No way did she want to talk about dying. We laughed over old stories and our lives.  I was maybe 2 when my uncle came  back from the Navy, married the bookkeeper at my Granddad’s furniture store.  He has loved her for all their time and he too would not discuss that she was dying.

I am so glad we went and have that memory as a week later she passed.  We were there for the funeral too.  I have such lovely cousins who have been so good to their parents.  Diana, a nurse, has really had a heavy load recently and I am so thankful I could be of support to her-as we have had the experiences of dealing with my parents as they have been through this.

The photos that I took are meant for family to see and share.  Many of you will recognize my nephew Zak and his family, my brother Scott and sister in law Rita and so on.  Hopefully the Mc Donoughs and Kerns will enjoy the photos of friends and relatives.  I love the photo of Russ and Aunt Mae.

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