Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

So I am watching the 49ers and Seattle getting into it following the rain storm and trying to build this blog about the new addition to our family.  No, we did not wait months after the loss of our dear Shadow.  My brother-in-law insisted we meet his friends and see the dog they had to find a home for.  I did not expect Russ to follow through, but he did and we met a lovely family, who were looking for a lifetime home for a 5 pound Yorkie, Chahuahua who had a very bad start, but has been in their family-sort of being moved around and loved by all.  While Georgina was much loved, there was just not time enough in busy lives to give her what they thought she needed.

We sat in Diane’s lovely kitchen and her daughter Bonnie, arrived with Georgina, her wardrobe, her bed and blankets and towel along with food.  We could not believe how cute this little button of a dog was, but were concerned putting her through another move.  The family said we could just see how it went for a few days, but right away “Georgie” took to the safe haven of Russ’s arms.  Just like Izzy and Shadow!  This was after we were told she did not take well to men until some time had passed.  Russ the dog whisperer!

For 24 hours we did not see her personality but just kept her with us and gradually we are getting to know her.  Today she actually played with my sister’s dogs.  She is adorable and we are enjoying the process.  Keep in mind she loves to be carried in a purse and she’s Part Chihuahua.  Both are things I said I would not want in a dog.

She has the cutest waggy tail, a bouncy walk and attracts alot of oo’s and ah h h s.  We should have a lot of fun with a young dog traveling.

We are so thankful for this opportunity and the meeting we had with a lovely family who just wanted a good home for her.

Comments on: "Georgie Girl (Georgina) A Rescue Enters Our Lives" (4)

  1. Peggy Fields Goldstein said:

    Kristi and Russ, I know how much you two must miss Shadow. But that’s so great you reached out to help this little one. She’s adorable. Mazel tov!

  2. Diana said:

    Kristi and Russ
    Im sitting in bed crying because Im so happy for both of you and Georgina. Im glad you didnt have to wait too long to see Georginas wonderful personality come out. She truly is a precious little soul. Im grateful for the time our family had with her.

  3. I am so happy for you and Russ and Georgie… I rescued a chihuahua myself, and he is my favorite dog (along with all my cats). He fits right in ~ I can’t tell if he is “alpha dog” or “alpha cat”… Good travels to you and your “new addition”.

  4. Linda Hinson said:

    I’m not sure you got my comments about Shadow. I am “blog” challenged and I couldn’t tell if the message was actually delivered. Our hearts broke for you. We are so happy you are adding a little pup to your family. I’m not sure what Wayne and I would talk about if it were not for Abbie and Goldie, ha! ha! And I can remember only too well my attitude and what I said about Abbie’s breed. No way did I want a Jack Russell/chihuahua mix for a pet. Well, I have eaten my words and she has stolen my heart. So much for pre-conceived notions.

    We are at Myrtle Beach right now for two weeks. We rent a 5 bedroom-5 bath house every year and our kids all come when the grandboys get out of school for a week. The weather has been glorious this year and we are enjoying our time here.

    Wayne’s health has been so much better for the last few months and I so wish we had another opportunity to visit now that he is more like his ole self! He really struggled for awhile after we got back from Perdido and it was partly due to one of the medications he was on. Lesson learned…pay attention to side affects caused by medication!

    Well, Kristi, your adventures have worried us (the fires) and entertained us as well. We are so glad to see those blogs and know you are doing well. Keep those cards and letters coming … We miss you. Lov, Linda

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