Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Russ and I left California on the 30th of July to be in Sun Valley and Fairfield, Idaho for my nephew’s wedding at an old fashioned, country ranch resort.  Along the way Russ found it difficult to breathe and Kaiser, CA said, go directly to St. Luke’s at Sun Valley.  He spent a night with unusual symptoms.  Blood pressure went sky high when he would walk and heart rate dropped rather low.  A wonderful doctor has walked us through all the hoops and connected us with Idaho Falls cardiologist so we could get back from the wedding to my sister Karole’s and where my dad is.

I could go on and on, but with God’s grace we have continued to be supported by all the right people and his heart test where they can view his heart from flipping him around and over shows he will need a pacemaker.  He is now back over at the hospital getting further tests.  The Sun Valley doctor is staying on as primary and co-ordinating everything.

The coolest thing has been that we could go to the wedding.  We stayed in Sun Valley in the RV at my bothers.  Did not try to move RV to the wedding site 40 miles away.  But on day of wedding doctor let me drive Russ over and he got to enjoy the whole day.  The wedding was terrific and family and friends should recognize people I hope.  I enjoyed grand nieces and nephews and and all my family as well as Lisa’s lovely family.  Nothing like a mountain wedding and casual outdoor eating.  Russ and I were in charge of the salad for 120 plus people and lots of people helped us as they new Russ should not be doing too much cause of the high blood pressure.

Feel free to open photos to larger view.

Russ and I arrive at grove first and renewed our vows

Russ and I arrive at grove first and renewed our vows

DSC07235Kristopher and little Kris-Bronson


Recognize my niece Kassi with her boyfriend Tony.  Young love!


Kay and I start shooting photos with a row of Greenawalts and Minks.


The brides maids were all in similar colors but could pick their dresses.  Very cool.DSC07249

Kay and Todd    Russ    Kassi and Tony behindDSC07253

Karole cried thru it all, but had to read Corinthians on loveDSC07255

Lisa arrives in golf cart.DSC07256

Karole is getting ready for first grandson to walk up aisleDSC07258

Kris gets Bronson up aisle with a bribeDSC07264


Lisa’s son Jamison was part of the groomsmen and did a great job.DSC07267

Lisa and Kreighton read a list of what they love about each other-and they were very funny.DSC07269



Such a beautiful family and we hope we can go to Denver before baby arrives.DSC07281

Karson and Alysia were so adorable-and he did the best job toasting them and she helped Kris with Bronson.  What a great family we have.



Comments on: "Kreighton and Lisa’s Wedding and Russ’s Heart" (7)

  1. BARBARA HALEY said:

    Prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery for Russ. I put you on our prayer list. Barbara

  2. Howard Rundell said:

    Thankful Russ is receiving such good and timely care and that you got to enjoy such a happy event. Howard Rundell NAVAIR Museum Pensacola

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. FRED SUSAN said:

    Loved this Kristy- Thanks for sharing! Susan Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 19:16:37 +0000 To: grammasuz@msn.com

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful message. Not that long since we were in Pensacola and we have wonderful memories. Kristi and Russ

  5. Nancy Thornton said:

    Please give Russ a big hug from me. I’m so sorry this is going on with him. Is he going to be able to handle the RV without having problems? The wedding looks beautiful. Please let me know how Russ is feeling.

    Love ya, N

    On Thu, 10 Jul 2014 19:16:38 +0000

    • Nancy thank you for the message and we are just waiting again today to hear back from the doctor who will coordinate everything about the heart pacemaker. Will call as it lays out for us.

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