Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

Russ and Kristi-had a great trip to Denver from Blackfoot Idaho.  Rain most of the way, which improved the temperature.  Stopped at Rawlings, WY and spent a night.  Again thanks for the satellite  dish that automatically zeros in on Direct TV.  When I think of the two years we spent without that-poor Russ.

Drove into Denver and specifically Lakewood, found that Jellison is at least 5 different short streets with no turn around-then realized it might be a good idea to call Jolin and figure it out better.  Seems you need North in the street name.  Sure enough, pulled into their place with ease, but Kristopher had built some of  his fences, and as he had been digging post holes that were as hard as a rock, he was pretty sure if we tried to drive up the grassy hill it would be no trouble.  Well two days of rain and we were stuck immediately.  He was sure he could pull us out, but we were sure we had renewed AAA on the RV and the next day we were pulled out by the coolest vehicle ever.  No extra charge.

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Comments on: "Never Pass Up an Adventure" (2)

  1. Harold said:

    Saw a program on highway through hell and the man was going to pick up his $950,000.00 tow truck just like that one.

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