Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Full Timer in the RV (Don’t make too many Plans) or (Let the Universe Lead You)

Complete strangers can change your life-for a moment, for a day and for years.  We all know how you meet a person on a plane and exchange all kinds of personal stuff you never thought you would share.  Well I, of course, do not have much that I don’t share! But you know what I mean.

At Perdido Cove we made friends with Linda and Wayne from Young Harris, Georgia and they not only were fun, but kind, helpful, thoughtful, bright, and extremely interesting.  I knew very quickly Linda and I would be girl friends.  Then Wayne helped me plan the trip north and we decided to see their beautiful area.  So we got to know them a little better.  I will miss them and truly hope we get time together in the future.  But whether we do or not may not be the point.

Being free to change plans or to await for them from that Source we usually call God is very rewarding.  There is less fear.  You take more chances.  Best of all you see and listen.  Sometimes when I am not sure what should be next I use a prayer from a writer and blogger that I have followed. I thought today I would share it with you.

“God let your will be done not mine. Jesus I give you my heart, my eyes, my ears, my smell, my touch all my senses, let your will be done not mine. Let me be the divine channel of your loving expression. Make the signs easy and clear to understand so I that I know what to do, and I will show up and I will say yes.”

Most of you know I believe there is no God box and that all religions would use different names to call upon that connection that I believe is everywhere, is all we are.

Yesterday the Tornado hit Oklahoma and children in a schoolhouse were killed.  I am not a good enough writer to express my feelings.  Why????  But this time on the road at least has taught me that I do not do this alone, that God is always there-with those children and with me.  I have finally come to know for myself that we are not just this body or this time.  I am less afraid to just live each day and be.  Since I am blessed with good health and my other senses I really am grateful for this opportunity to “be here” in this moment.

On the day to day surprises, I have pictures of Clayton in Rabin County-made me think of Gooding, Idaho in the 50’s and 60’s.  The hand painted sale signs on the store windows-my Dad’s store!!  Ace had everything including a deer stand, which I took the picture for Todd Mink and Brandon.  It is considered one of the prettiest counties anywhere.  By the way,  the movie, Deliverance was filmed here.

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Apple Store called Graphicom in Pensacola on Airport Blvd was beyond Helpful

Using my Macbook and I-Mac and now my new I-phone  keeps me on my toes.  But so many issues can also come up and The big Apple Store is not in every city.  So you usually find a Best Buy store.  But they do not work on some of your issues with software and of course then you go online for tutorials.  I just got buried in learning things so when Best Buy told me there was a small Apple Store up the road, we went.  There were definitely Angels there by the name of Chris, Kenny and Shelbey.  They helped me upgrade and repair things and then showed tons that I needed to know to be slightly competent with all.  

I also purchased an incredible tool – apple TV and look forward to movies and slide shows that I will make and share with some of my family on TV.

phone # for Graphicom-  850-466-3337

e-mail    graphicom.net

Next I got hacked, and I learned that Yahoo has lots of holes, whereas Google Mail, gmail, does not.  So I went back in and was shown how to deal with it.  I cannot thank Chris enough for his time and thoughtful explanations and repairs.  In addition I am still having some problems in understanding and remembering and I know I will call him and get a bit more straightened out.

Thank God for Graphicom and these fine experts. I have told many of you that every day I go out of the RV asking the Universe to let me be of service and everyday I start the day with Thanks for all that helps me as well.  I kid you not-every day “Angels” appear to assist me, answer my questions, get me on the right track.  It is the most magnificent way to live life that I have ever experienced.



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