Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Coastal Acres Campground in Province Town on Cape Cod

These few pictures I just wanted to post cause they show how dog friendly P Town is.

The picture toward the beach and town from the dock shows the blue and white awnings of the restaurant, Pepe’s, where we ate twice and enjoyed sunset time.

I also wanted to comment that the Coastal Acres Campground is one of the best we have stayed that is in immediate proximity of the town.  It is a beautiful spot-no hook up for water dumping, but you can dump as you pull out.  WE had one of our little nightmares-the guy said the dump was easy access so Russ hooked the car up to drive there.  Well the little circle was way too small for our rig and car but there was no way to get out.  We should have unhooked the car and so on, which we did, but not until after Russ’s faux pas.  He backed the tow dolly which did not work and the RV bumped and gouged the front fender of the car. I had so loved driving a car without dents.

(Dang it, I just erased two more paragraphs.)

People rode bikes everywhere, even to the beaches.  We should have, but we always had Shadow so not too good on the exercise situation.

Now we are in MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT, staying at a very fancy place called STRAWBERRY PARK,  actually located 22 miles north of here as the Crow flies.  It took 7 county and state roads to get here and about 25 minutes.  My problem again is all the beautiful forested land-cause you can never mark where you are by a Mt. Diablo, or  lava beds, or a Mountain Range.  But today I hope to get pictures of the homes and farms with rock fences.  Just like in the picture books of New England.

I am in Starbucks waiting for a hair appointment that was mis-scheduled by an hour.  Oh well, time for this and being alone.  However, I just met two couples here from Manchester, England.  They rented cars at JFK and are driving New England for a couple of weeks.

Had pizza yesterday at Mystic Pizza and guess what, the recipe is really as good as they said in the movie with Julia Roberts.  All kinds of photos and they are running the moving in the resturant from all angles.  Did you know that most men have no idea what the place is about nor do they care.

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