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A Little More about Kansas City

My cousin Cindy and her husband Kal wanted us to get the flavor of Kansas City and its neighborhoods. We started out going to Long Horn Steak House-where I had the best trout lunch I could imagine.  Then we covered the neighborhoods and we went to a museum that houses everything  from the capsized Arabia including part of the steamboat..  What an adventure story.  The Arabia sunk in the Mississippi River after hitting a snag.  The people survived but the steam boat sunk with thousands and thousands of items from beautiful silver, china, crystal to hats and boots and the clothes and cloth in bolts.  The hosts of the museum describe the viewing rooms of all that was found as a department store of goods from the 1800’s most of which do not have anything wrong with them.  Seems the Mississippi River changed course numerous times and the boat was actually in a field of a farm.  It was a great story and a brilliantly done project.  3 of the 4 adventurers are still living and their discovery happened in the 1980’s

We also went to Westport Market where a famous serial killer worked. ” Berdella was apprehended on April 2, 1988, after a victim he had been torturing for a week jumped naked from the second story of his house and escaped, wearing only a dog collar. By that time, he had abducted and tortured at least six young men, and the Kansas City Police Department suspected him in two other disappearances. Berdella had detailed torture logs and large numbers of Polaroid pictures he had taken of his victims.”  I actually remember the discovery of what this nut had done and the trial.

Another really cool thing we saw was the house of my Great Great Uncle and Aunt.  The story I got from Uncle Abe when he visited Grandad and all of us was that when Grandad was in 6th grade, his was kicked out of his home  because his step father didn’t want him, so he hopped rides to Kansas City, arrived at Abe and Versa’s house and asked to rent a room in the basement.  He got a newspaper boy job and paid rent from the 2nd week on.  

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