Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Sweetheart Dinner Masquers and Methodists

When your church is over 100 years old, you are responsible for the historic building lasting into the next 100 years.  For Pt. Richmond people, First Methodist is a labor of love supported by others in the community.  We hold a junktique sale, put on wonderful concerts,  make and sell Christmas cookies, hold tea parties and so on.  Each event is done with humor, fun sharing times and creativity as well as a lot of work.

One event that has been going on each February or March is the Sweetheart Dinner.  Someone wonderful from the Pt. is chosen and if they accept they ask their friends to come to our dinner. We Methodists are there both working it and enjoying it.  It is a roast.  The Methodists led by Fran Smith creator and organizer and the Pt. Richmond Yaught Club put on a wonderful dinner. But the speeches can be hysterical especially if the honoree is involved with the Masquers Theatre Group.  One such person became the new Sweetheart last Friday night.  Tamara acts and she designs clothes and sets and she organizes like nobody’s business.  And of course the Methodists love these skills as she shares them with us-most recently putting on the Christmas story at the Jazz Christmas Eve Service.  Her friends not only roasted her but shared the wonderful ways she has stood beside them.

I am so  happy to be back enjoying working with my Methodist Family and Friends and was glad to be here for Tamara’s  special nite.

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Pt. Richmond 1st Methodist Church

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We are staying at the RV park next to BART, every tire and jack under the RV is on boards and blocks cause of the lousy spot.  Place is really poor!  The garbage is piled high, leaves have never been cleaned up much less other things.  Just up the street is an extremely nice-park but they do not take dogs over 30 pounds.  Ah well, I do not miss the horrible commute from Bethel Island.

Hope you all enjoy seeing my pictures of Pt. Richmond First Methodist Church.  Russ has only gone twice since we got here, because his surgery, etc. interfered.  I however, got to go for Xmas Eve and other times.  Such a pretty place.  Amazing how much a small group accomplishes out of this turn of the century building at the end of the Santa Fe’ Railroad.

Dan, the minister has brought music to everyone, teaching the young in Angel Choir, writing hymns and teaching them to us, bringing jazz to all of Pt. Richmond, serving the whole community.  The members work and play hard, to keep the physical and spiritual church a healthy place.

We are planning to return to the road in February.  The car is getting an overhaul and I love the rental!  Being in Concord makes my life so much easier.  By the time we leave we will be medically checked and fixed all over.

Rain has finally arrived today!  California was hoping.

Love and light to you all from Russ and I as well as Izzy and Shadow.

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