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Wolf Center at Ely, MN

You probably know but if you click on the pictures you will get full size.

Well my friends and family my photos at the Wolf Center were not the greatest.  When Russ and I arrived the new pups “show” had already begun.  It seems the center gets 2 new pups every 4 years.  These two arrived soon after they were born and have been raised by humans.  They will be introduced to the Pack in the next two weeks, must happen when they are not too big to be a threat to the Adult Pack and must happen before the female herd members loose the prolactin that occurs during summer months and makes them want to take the pups in.

The pups and the information were incredible and Boy Scouts were there, getting ready to do what my brother did in the 60’s-go off into the wilderness of the Boundry Waters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and canoe and portage in be in the wilds.  Scott still remembers his experience vividly.

When we started to leave the room where we met the pups, we got to the other windows looking out on the land and ponds where the wolves live-we can also see only a small portion of their land-but two of the wolves walked out of the trees and enjoyed the fish in the pond. I tried to get movies but could not upload them on Facebook, besides I pulled them in closer and the quality was bad.

Russ and I ate a great vegetarian burrito at one of the pubs and then went to do many pounds of laundry.  Taking Russ to do laundry is high risk.  Today he tried to burn up the clothes in high high heat.  We had already visited with locals that were close to our age and told them what we are doing- and had them laughing about our Bickering and so they were all chuckling when I said, “You are just trying to get out of helping on the laundry”  “This is the same way you painted the office so that I would not ask you to paint again.”

We are in a Federal Park at $16 a  nite which is so cheap compared to anything else.  But we are in forest so thick that they carve out camping spots and roads and in between is green green green.  There is a river here but there are also mosquitos.  Tonight is Sunday nite and all the Minnesotans have gone home-we are 10 miles south of town and we know what it feels like to be in the wilderness.  Oh, yeah, when it gets dark here it is dark, this is not lighted nor do I see forest service people-in fact we were told on phone where to park and there was a card posted at the site with out names and dates.  Otherwise no contact-except for neighbors.  Tonite-no neighbors.

http://www.wolf.org/wolves/index.asp (copy and paste to see Center’s website and you can troll it all


http://www.youtube.com/user/IntlWolfCenter   (copy and past this in your http-get to see videos of pups)

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