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George Miller’s office set us up for Capitol Tour and we added Library of Congress

I called Congressman George Miller of Martinez’s DC office and they scheduled Russ and I a trip on Thursday to the Capitol.  Let me tell you it is different from 1969 when I worked on the Hill for a summer for Idaho Congressman Orval Hansen.  The new addition to the Capitol is the visitor’s center, underground on what is considered the back side of the capitol-front side faces the mall.

So for us to get there and do this we drove from our new Virginia site 16 miles to a Metro.  Caught the blue line into DC, switched to red line and came out at Union Station.  Walked from Union Station through the two Senate Office Buildings on 1st street.  Thank God we got our sunny morning with blue skies and the trees changing colors.  We passed a building that I did  not remember and which actually shocked me-The Methodist Church Building- right next to the Supreme Court building.  After that the Library of Congress and of course the capitol was on our right.  At Independence we turned right and walked past the Congressional Office buildings and I got a picture of me where I worked in 69.  Then up we went into Rayburn building to Miller’s office to sign in and get passes.  Then off to Capitol across the street and by this time Russ was hurting.

Fortunately I captured a golf cart guy and he got the rest of the ride to the elevators for the visitor center.

The tour was incredible because this particular 4’10” dynamite of a woman was knowledgable, witty, clever and because each group wears a head set connected to the guide and we could hear everything she said.  OMG!

Congress was not in session, they are all out campaigning and not returning until November.  Also we could not walk out front of the Capitol cause all that area is being built up for the President’s Inauguration!!!

Underground also had a tunnel to the Library of Congress and that was a huge change for me to see.  When I was in DC the building had never been completely refurbished from the fires-and now I walked out into a French Versaille style art gallery.  It is so gorgeous that I simply could not believe it.

We did eventually get back to Springville garage to get the car and could not find it.  Had to get the security to drive us around to it!!!


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