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Abe Lincoln’s Boyhood Home is in Indiana off Highway 64-an Unexpected Stop

So you drive down the highways, stopping often for legs, hips and knees.  You walk the dog so you can walk yourself.  Bathroom and water and sometimes a meal.  But traveling this way means you can pay attention to signs and in this case real signs by the  highway. Specifically this time, Abe Lincoln’s Memorial Sign, Next Exit.

What a treat-like others I remembered his life in Springfield, IL but had forgotten the farm in the west in the forest was actually Indiana. Gorgeous memorial building in the park-mementos and quotes and memorial panels.  Fortunately while I was visiting with the kids outside, Russ learned that you can walk toward the flag and a half mile later you are on the farm cut from thick forest and rendition of the buildings and actors to show you around their home. It was a sweet experience as was the movie that told the story at the memorial.

Others moved into the area where the Lincolns did and apparently a plant the cattle would sometimes get into gave a disease to humans and wiped out many of them.  Nancy Hanks died-Tom Lincolns left to find a wife-not that crass, actually he knew a friend who had lost her husband and who had 5 children of her own to raise.

During my exploring the memorial and farm, I met a lovely woman and daughter on their way to the Bay area where the daughter is taking her new Master’s Degree to start an internship.  They are traveling from the DC area across the country.  Talk about being a magnet for women traveling the spiritual journey.  She and I just shared so much in a short time-a real feel good moment.

I just read a quote from my favorite Blog “The Daily Love”.  I copied it and then lost it, but basically if was from Joseph Campbell and I hope I do not mutilate it-    The world is a mess, always has been.  We are not here to fix it cause you can’t-we are here to fix ourselves. Love meeting others finding their way too.

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