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National Cathedral of DC and Georgetown

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In 1969 during the Vietnam War, and between my Junior and Senior year of College at University of Idaho, this small town girl was very lucky and got an internship for US Congressman, Orval Hansen.  When I got to DC I was introduced to Carol Hatchet from Paul, Idaho.  She was working in the Congressman’s office and going to American University.  She was rooming with other Hill people in a little house two or so blocks from the Washington Cathedral. They included me in their lives. And the Cathedral is where I caught the bus to the Longworth Blding on the Hill.  That Cathedral was my saving grace-I was used to small populations, open country, white people and civil rights happened on TV.  Yes, there were marches and stuff at the U of I, but nothing compared to other parts of the country.  It was a step that never stopped.  From that summer on, I knew I was forever changed.

Driving to the Cathedral with Russ and then taking the tour behind the scenes was really fascinating.  But back in that early time it was the place to sit in a garden and in large quiet rooms and catch my breath.  It took me away from heat and humidity and put me in beauty and peace.  Of course, those were my non-belief years.  So I was also constantly thinking how religion only brought war on the planet-if you lived through the 60’s you know what I mean.

Washington DC had an earthquake a short time ago.  This cathedral lost a few parts to its spires and lots of dust came down.  Retro fitting is still going on.  In the Capitol Rotunda the tour guides stayed and swept floors and dusted statues.  It is so interesting to hear how everyone here felt about an earthquake.  I think it was a 5.6.  Some tours way up below the Rose windows have been discontinued and netting is still spread across the ceilings until every bit of work can be done and checked.

Once we had toured and looked around we found our way to Georgetown and had a bistro to ourself where the Persian owner fixed us an incredible late afternoon lunch.  We talked about what all my Methodist Friends have been involved in-Camp Liberty and the changing of the status of people caught up in Iraq from terrorists to non-terrorists.  It was cool to have something so important to share.

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